Little Luxuries

It is such a luxury to be able to write – the ability to, and having the time to. How do other people vent and relieve the stress they meet and accumulate in their lives, I wonder?

I did not write for merely a day, I thought a week has passed! At the same time, I feel no urge to post anything. Dreams are still dreams, I am still seeing tonnes of them that I have no recollection about. Crystals are still crystals, which is good news – the crystals in my room are still the same ol’ crystals – no new additions!

Life is still the same, mentor’s still throwing in insights that brighten my eyes every now and then. She has a wayyyyy bigger heart than I do. I was a little grouchy about suspicion of being played out, which she did too. But she saw it in such positive light and with so much compassion “it is probably something she cannot do anything about”. Which is absolutely true and something I grossly overlooked. “Stand by her, you have to help her look good too” mentor reminds me.

No wonder she constantly reminds me to open my heart. It is only when one opens her heart that one can do big things. A closed heart is in a small world.

Heart healing is taking a while. I thought it was done and dusted when I did the watermelon tourmaline + Lemurian seed meditation which hurt big time, followed by a night of peace and painless heart. Well, the kind crystals were just giving me a break. The pain came back again during today’s meditation. It wore off pretty fast after that. I *think* I am nearing the finish line!

Heal and be whole~ ❤

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