Silence in my heart

I just finished a meeting, a long drawn period before this final wrap up meeting. So a big piece of rock was lifted and crushed to pieces and thrown away. Then I hear and feel the long silence in my heart.

An emptiness deriving from the release of a grudge. A complaint that had bogged me for a good two months. So what happens when the grievances are aired?

Now I understand how some limiting beliefs work. Resentment and grudges keep our hearts and minds occupied and shield us from the reality that we do not want to face. I don’t know what reality is it that I am avoiding though. Maybe just a general real world?

Maybe it is a little lingering fear that I am not recognized for my hard work? But no, the appreciation was even minuted down today.

I have no idea. I sense deceit somewhere, what I am deceiving myself?

Mentor says I don’t read (vain) people well enough. I can imagine her face palming as I ask questions extremely naive in her perception. Ah well, so we learn.

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