My kind of stylish, in the most awkward manner from the outside while effortless from the inside, is looking up at the sky “Ooh, ultramarine and white”. I have no idea why I feel it is stylish, maybe that smoothness of thoughts of deciphering the world in colours?

When I practiced in the architectural field, my colours were in 3-digit numbers. When I worked on corporate presentations, my colours were in Pantone codes. When I paint, my colours come in names and series numbers, but these are so much easier to remember, cos I blend them from only the same few tubes.

I miss painting, I really do. It feels good and clear to look up at the skies and say “hey, I want to rent a studio and do my painting”. More so than “hey, I want to buy this crystal”. Well, they are not mutually exclusive. But that longing, that yearning to close my eyes, turn on the music, dance around (do a backflip) and then flick the brush over the canvas. Oooh. I so miss that feeling.

Mercury retrograde’s over today. Good news over the next week? Please make one of them be having our own physical space!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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