It is past midnight, so I was looking forward to bed after a strenuous workout this evening. However, there was a nagging feeling to write, even though there was nothing much happening to blog about at this evening’s yoga class. Then I found out that today’s prompt is Unfinished, which rings true for the last post (actually for many before that too).

Yesterday flew past too, and I woke up in the middle of the night to read somebody’s channelled message about a third wave coming through, with many more portals opening, an accelerated timeline and also how we will be seeing our roles in the Ascension of humanity more clearly. Explains so much about my zoning out over the last week. Time Warp!

Roles, roles, roles. Every little love we send out into the world is, to me, helping humanity in the ascension process. Every little compassion we have and share for others is leading by example and touching the hearts of others, thereby aiding in the ascension process too. Or maybe there is really no such thing as “others”. Oneness is still an abstract concept to me, I know deep down we are One; yet I also know the physical truth is that there is also the self and others.

The cynical side of me still wonders how true all these I am writing about really are. Yet, something in me wants to buy into these concepts, cos they really do make sense in the larger scheme of things.

Anyway, the unfinished part of the writing was about the constellation we did. I brought the Transparent Oracle, my only deck which is round, and therefore no prefixed direction on how to place them. It was fun, deeply soulful just like the actual family constellation I did with Anutosh. I got Stag as my role, which is symbolic of nobility, honour, leadership, pride, competition, and also messenger from the Otherworld. Started reading more about it as a totem, and saw that it is ultimately still very much linked to the Deer, but more Kingly.

While I joked and giggled with teacher Shirley before the constellation, I was reminded that Words Hold Power. It is so aligned with the Stag – I have been putting in too much chatter, a chattering of nonsense when I joke, losing the whole decorum that I have been brought up with. It is not about keeping up with image, but the mindless chatter serves no purpose, or even defeating it, in all the mindfulness that we should really be pursuing while on this path. There are really a lot more things to work on. Well, to give myself some credit, I have been a lot more careful with my thoughts and words from ten years ago. I guess I gave myself too much of a lax recently, and it is really time to rein it all back in. I am going for a Theta class to hone my skills on this this coming Saturday! Yay, it is really Universe sending me reminders from all over the place!

Well, there is also the element of Leadership that I really need to tune into. Even as I write, I can feel myself trying to skirt the topic altogether. I know, I know, I know. I am ready, I accept, I have accepted, and … Bring it on, Universe! ❤

Show me (every step of the way :)). It is done, it is done, it is done, and so it is!

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