Sleepy Friday

TGIF! It is a busy day, I like busy days. It feels so fulfilling, and I feel so accomplished. I feel so alive! Albeit very sleepy.

I love writing meditation stories, it just gets more and more exciting.

Had a meeting at the club yesterday, and cleared enough agenda items to make it for evening class. We shared the same bus back and chatted along the way and cleared more work in a casual manner. So I ended up at the meditation class I thought I was going to skip. That should have been a forewarning for what was to come.

Teacher Shirley brought her newly adopted singing bowls to class! YC talked to the small bowl and said it was a very sweet being. I held it to my heart .. and … it went cold. More forewarnings that went unheeded while I sulked about rejection.

Part 1 was great, I got quite some healing, a massive detox turning my right hand into a huge flop and thud while some energies jerked right out. I slept through the lower chakras, energies were pretty much peaceful and super high vibration, but I see nothing. Other than Bruce Lee!! Oh my, I must be going crazy. I saw Bruce Lee in his signature Yellow bodysuit with black stripe and a young boy in a white shirt in front of him.

Shirley gave us a choice to sit up during the Part 2. I was frozen stiff, there was so so much energy flowing through me, I could not move an inch. So I laid there like a copper pipe – that crisp coldness while a whole universe of stars flow through me. She walked around playing her singing bowls and then focussing on each individual’s specific chakra – heart for mine, possibly so for everyone else too. I sort of felt like I was releasing for others instead of my own issues, but one can never really know. After the Heart Song exercise, I realised the depth of trauma in each of us are beyond anybody’s imagination.

At some point, a voice asked me to sing. I was like … “errr. are you sure?”
“Try it.”
“err. what if it sounds like Heart Song?”
“Try. Trust.”
“Who are you?”
The voice did not reply me on who She was. The vibration was definitely a very very high one, so I did not quite probe further. I started humming. Yay, it did not at all sound like Heart Song! She was rather encouraging “you are healing people with their release”. So I hummed louder and louder and started tearing.
“Is this what you mean about my role?”
“It is part of your role.”
I am really really absolutely grateful beyond words, that I can be guided by so much love and such enlightened and ascended masters. I am really thankful that I can be placed in such a role (or such roles).

“Sit up and sing.”
“I can’t. I’m frozen stiff. Who am I speaking to?”
I guess I did not have enough Trust and continued (lazily) lying down on my back, as my hands continued to emit cool fine vibrations. So my humming dwindled, as Shirley’s bowl’s singing dwindled too. At the end of it, a bright pearly light pink with gold sparks encompassed me, like a big hug and good bye. MOTHER MARY!!!  OH MY GOODNESS. That knowingness! It was my first encounter with her energy! Master Kuthumi swung around to say hi/bye too. Good job, they said!

I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN. How crazy was it that I got woken up at 5:05am that morning to meditate with my rose quartz (specifically)?! I should have a sense of it when my throat chakra started to heat up before any other chakras did.

The magical part was when Uncle Johnson said what he heard was not singing/humming/toning but a chanting of mantras or a different kind of (perhaps light) language. WOW.

Teacher Shirley was so encouraging and patiently asked about my experience and explained so many things to me. My bracelet and pendant were cold, a very different kind of cold. I showed Shirley how her sweet bowl went cold after I held it to my heart (SULK!!!), but she said such high vibrational channellings are like that – cool fine energies buzzing out of my hands, while my neck and body are heated up. WOW WOW. The cool energies continued all the way till 5am this morning. I gave all of them to the lovely rose quartz, and also grounded that last bit of it to the huge-ass lemurian seed that Uncle Johnson gave me. Watch them sparkle! They look so happy now.


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