Eerie no more

I think the last few months of training have done me a lot of good. I am now totally zen about clearing entities and spaces. I no longer find it eerie nor annoying!


Reading between lines and pages

I cannot believe a grand two hours later, I am still caught up in a this way or that way even though I have cleanly written it as a conclusion in the last post.
Today is not meant to be an indecisive day.


Knowledge|Wisdom; Time|World; Wthin|Without; Trial|Error.

Existence in the Multitudes

I have visited many psychics in my pursuit of figuring life and the hurdles presented. Past life readings help in this case, as they present a broader perspective of what lessons behold at that point in time.

Artificial | Authentic

I do not usually like fake stuff, but this space is surreal, and really beautiful. In a way, biomimicry is a beautiful approach in its way of imitating or drawing inspiration of how Mother Nature works, so why should I be so judgmental about man-made stuff?

Taming the Monkey Mind

SO. Now that my conscious mind is back monkeying, I am wondering why they asked me to bring my rose quartz to the meditation. Is it to balance the masculine energies? Is it to open my heart, to give and receive Love?

Travel Bug Itch

Someone sent his greetings from the far away land of *ahem* Malaysia. I wanted to ask if 外国的月亮比较圆 (translated to be “is the moon really rounder overseas?”), very similar to the pasture on the other side being always greener.


The words that came, “Nothing. And Everything.” The world would cease to exist if nothing descends. Yet, it is also *still* Everything. And if there is no ascension, then everything will still be One, as with Everything. Which also means it is Nothing.

Part of a Whole

Have you ever wondered if there can ever be part of a Hole? I have been thinking about the Hologram. And also about Uncle Johnson’s reminder to not be so playful in seeing / differentiating the different light forms.

Making Sense

So I suppose, the authenticity here is, to not just project what is “acceptable” to the society (or to myself), but to project the “truth”, as long as I properly address it afterward. It is good to surface these questions, so that I can look for the answers.

Voices of Various Types

Yikes. Now I understand why I got Two of Swords yesterday – the helluva debate between the heart (in this case, the Self) and the mind(Ego). It is so important to be able to discern which is speaking and which to heed.

Wheel of Fortune rolls again

Indeed, there is a time for everything. Precisely as described by the Wheel of Fortune. Which is why it is so so so important to live in the present. Because the present really is a gift that life presents to us every single moment.

Oh, border!

Oh, border! So much profound feelings intertwining between wistfulness and thankfulness.

Doing God’s Work

Started the day with a meeting at the embassy. I overslept this morning, and took a taxi there but got there early instead. What better thing to do than to send love and healing to the meeting prior? So I did, but felt so darn sick. The ground spun beneath my feet, I could feel pressure at…


We went karaoke-ing last night after dinner, and it was great fun! Dinner was wonderful, we had steamboat, which I have not had since moving back from Shanghai. The mega plus point is that I felt really safe eating the steamboat here. 😉 in a good class restaurant in Singapore. Sang our hearts out! Could feel…

Parallel Existence

Having fiddled with so many different modalities of healing, I am more and more sure that we are living many lives in parallel, and that the dynamics between them are in a constant state of flux.

Released from Duty

I had always assumed that when I am called to do so, I will just (have to) do so. However, having the choice to is a different story altogether. Now I have the freedom to exercise my choice.