Released from Duty

I went for a theta mini-workshop today! The last one being end of January this year. It was good, we had the usual belief-testing, and downloads. Was supposed to have a little digging session, but things were so smooth today that all the downloads got through easily.

In the middle of class, I received a weird message “you are holding space”. It is pretty normal, I thought, since I had played guard a few times at meditations. “Tell Evlyn”. That is strange,  is there something going on? I kept quiet and continued with the class. Just before the digging session, the voice spoke again “tell Evlyn”. So I shyly whispered to Evlyn.
“I have already asked the angels and masters to hold space.”
“Test your beliefs.”
So we tested a few – obligation, I have to …, I need to …, people will get hurt if …, which all were not the “correct answer”.
“It is my duty to hold space.”

Evlyn saw my past life as a shaman, and the energy was pretty intense. I could feel my right hand heavy and sore, as though carrying something heavy (maybe a weapon?) for a long time. So we went up to Creator and asked to be released from my duty as a shaman that life, sent His unconditional love and situation to that life and situation at all four levels, and replaced with the program that I can choose whether or not I want to do that, and that I know the feeling of having that choice.

Theta is amazing. It highlighted so many subtleties to words and the nuances of the energies and vibrations held by these words. I had always assumed that when I am called to do so, I will just (have to) do so. However, having the choice to is a different story altogether. Now I have the freedom to exercise my choice. I can say Yes all the time too. Yet at any one point, I can choose to say No. Isn’t this amazing? This is Free Agency!

I guess it is also a form of energetic “promotion”, to put it in earthly comprehensible terms. If I be relieved from duty to stand guard, I can play around with many more roles. It is only the human Ego that probably ties a “which role is better than which other role”, and therefore a “promotion” – raising from one level to another. But I suppose Universe works in the form of experiences – so the understanding should be more of “I am done with the experience playing this role, and I am now also cleared of old stuff tying me to it” and it is now time to experience a different role(s). And there may not be prerequisites to each, meaning one role can come before or after another, in no specific sequence, therefore “promotion” is really not the right word for it. Hah, the human brain (/Ego).

Wow. This is a new epiphany. It really does make a lot of difference typing with my eyes closed.Words flow more gracefully.

Maybe next time I will try typing with my right hand on my heart. 😉

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