Parallel Existence

Yesterday, we had a discussion on parallel existence – dreamtime & realtime, this life and past lives – over tea. Having fiddled with so many different modalities of healing, I am more and more sure that we are living many lives in parallel, and that the dynamics between them are in a constant state of flux. How else can we releasing lessons and trauma at ancestral level, for example? How else can we be sending forgiveness and love to healing a situation at the soul level (the different lives we went through), and liberating all the soul family members (people existing in our lives to teach us lessons out of love and shared commitments to us learning lessons together) from the lessons? It really means that when we go back in time, and release something, the present reality for whoever changes in the here and now. I find that really beautiful.

When I first started attending scripture classes at the temple in Melbourne, I was exposed to the idea that there are other non-determinate, non-physical entities co-existing with us. That was also the first time I experienced oracles in my adult life, and I can remember the awe of kneeling before the deity who spoke to me, explaining to me what Communication really means, and reminding me that I will serve / heal the world through my smiles (and pretty face?????????). It was in Mandarin and more than ten years ago, so I think my Soul will take a while to bring it to the current level of consciousness and in the English language. Hee hee. Maybe it was more like the physical face being a mask, the physical body being a vessel, and I am blessed with an admirable one so it is easier to connect with the material realm which looks with their physical pair of eyes? Something to that effect. I almost forgot about this incident until the Constellation last Sunday when his name came up again. Well, I guess it is time to revisit the learnings from that period.

It was also through the temple that I am exposed to the idea that long lines of ancestors lay before us, and that they get to attend the classes when I do. So they get to raise their consciousness despite having passed on long long time back. Why would they want to raise their consciousness if they have passed on and cannot do anything with that? There really has to be parallel existence, meaning that they have moved on to other lives in other roles,  so any release or ascension in the past would also help them in their present, whatever that is at this moment. Right? Well, I am very sure they really want to attend those classes, cos I get woken up and reminded to go to class. I can vividly remember my maternal grandmother’s hand on my thigh, nudging me to wake up at 5am “Ping, remember to go temple tonight”. TONIGHT, Grandma knows me really well, there has to be that much advance prep. I know my Uncle was with us during the lesson too. I spoke to him, and he was very thankful for what I was doing. I was only attending class, and giving them entry rights to these classes, really.

Okay, back to the main topic of why I even started this post. I SAW HIS ENERGIES AGAIN LAST NIGHT! Woohoo~ He’s back! More mature / stable, but he’s back. I think he was really sorting something out in the period of the last week or two. So the two guys in the studio which I wandered and watched from outside – one of them really is him. The other one, I am still not sure, last night it felt like it was Uncle Johnson, yet the knowingness says it is not Uncle Johnson. Maybe someone that is older than him, but younger than Uncle Johnson. He could also well be the teaching assistant I saw at the class of 20-30 bursting at the seams from the small space we were in. Inconclusive, but highly possible.

So, we were back in dream class again. Shirley was not around this time. And it definitely feels like a technical class. Shirley’s class is usually guidance on life lessons, and bringing me new insights, perspectives, and what is the approach for my highest good. He and the other guy taught me how to use a stone as a tool. We were standing around a long table, and he was showing me some stone, its properties, what it does, and how to use it. It was not a crystal. Hmm. Previous classes were all about crystals. There were many other items taught throughout the night, but I could only remember the stone. I guess, the busybody in me is only concerned about “hey man, who is this guy? do I know you? have I met you yet?” when I first woke up. Anyway, conversations of the material realm, that was my first concern and I started whatsapp-ing my excitement on his reappearance!

Now I am trying to connect the dots. You can ignore the links on this post, I am just trying to piece the picture together. 😉

I love exploration! ❤

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  1. Raj Krishna says:

    You know it would sound weird but some 8-9 years ago i was going through some personal crisis and during that time i saw dreams and those dreams were actually someway or other related to my future which i realized later..but the thing was those dreams’ messages were not direct..


    1. leapingtoes says:

      Yup, it takes a lot of retrospect, to understand the glimpses we already had into the future.
      Which is also why I am keeping this blog, cos there are too many things I do not understand *as yet*. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Raj Krishna says:

        that’s life..isn’t it? I m sure that i would be able to learn many things about life from you..Keep writing & sharing!!!

        Liked by 1 person

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