We went karaoke-ing last night after dinner, and it was great fun! Dinner was wonderful, we had steamboat, which I have not had since moving back from Shanghai. The mega plus point is that I felt really safe eating the steamboat here. 😉 in a good class restaurant in Singapore.

Sang our hearts out! Could feel our throat chakras opening up, and all the energies busting out from our crown chakras as the prana aligns us while we sang / yelled / danced. Haha, sounds like a crazy time, but nah, it was just a way of venting / clearing in a small soundproof room with a dependable and reliable group of friends. Happy Birthday, SC!

The lighter side of life. 🙂

There are also darker sides to life, which is a really good reminder about being vigilant, and putting trust in the right place. Yet, it is also hard to say where that “right place” is. Which is also why my Trust goes to Him. When in doubt, or in weird situations, hang out at a chapel and pray. Of course, if the situation is not that dire, meditation works too, let Him speak to you through that stillness, or through that still small voice within. That still small voice knows. It is only when one gets clouded, that the judgements get pulled in the wrong place, and sometimes misinterpreting the voice from the ego. It is nobody’s fault, it is just a state of confusion at the moment, I suppose. Which is why I personally enjoy private time in His presence, kneeling down at the chapel, surrounded by Him and the angels, where I can hear His voice loud and clear.

We are all heading for ascension towards the Light. In our small little ways, we all are. Some of us more fortunate than others, having the little shortcut of connecting directly to the masters and light of higher vibrations. I add the caveat of the human time here and now, because eventually everyone will get to experience that, just a matter of now or a little later.

Always lean into the Light and Love. ❤

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