Doing God’s Work

Started the day with a meeting at the embassy. I overslept this morning, and took a taxi there but got there early instead. What better thing to do than to send love and healing to the meeting prior? So I did, but felt so darn sick. The ground spun beneath my feet, I could feel pressure at the back of my head, and as I peered open my eyes to see what was happening, Evlyn just arrived in her car and so I waved. Such synchronicity. I continued sending love and healing to the meeting with my whole forehead scrunched up, and a voice said “do you realise what you are doing is connecting all the changemakers in the region?”. Wow. Thanks. I cannot believe I never saw it in this light before. So I gave my thanks for the message, the project, and most importantly, the opportunity to be doing this work, and most gratefully for being shown the Light. I guess I probably said “I Accept” somewhere between the lines too.

I hurriedly went to join Evlyn and we went in together. I told her how sick I felt, and she quickly told me to ask Creator to help me clear all psychic attacks, entities and way-wards. Oops. She also felt the resistance, the same one we both felt a week or two ago too. Eeks. But I guess the greatest resistance might have been my subconscious / unconscious rejection of it? Cos after the surreptitious “I Accept”, the project came through and through. 🙂 This is by far the biggest human limitation I have witnessed that is overcome by His Love. Miracles and Teachings, in such a beautiful way. So much patience in providing guidance to my previous dense human thought / perception.

The meeting went well, and we are now proceeding with the project. I usually do not take taxi in Singapore, but wow, I was told we can reimburse this! This, in itself, is blessing. Small simple blessings count in big ways. It is an affirmation of His guidance, even in simple things like modes of transport.

While I waited at the bus-stop to go home, a bird flew into the shelter, circled my head and flew out. Scared the sh*t out of me. Not sure what it means, but I am choosing to see it as another sign of confirming what I felt about His message – that I am on the right path, even though it does not look anything like the Future I was shown so many times, it is leading me into it. Exactly what teacher Shirley said to me last night.

Counting every bit of blessing coming my way. Thank you, Universe. ❤

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