Wheel of Fortune rolls again

I was given a four day break from writing, and I can finally guess why. Well, firstly I was busy on the earthly realm earning my keeps, and I am very grateful for that.

Indeed, there is a time for everything. Precisely as described by the Wheel of Fortune. Which is why it is so so so important to live in the present. Because the present really is a gift that life presents to us every single moment.

I had taken a blardey long break from corporate work since moving back to Singapore. I am so glad I followed my heart and did so many unthinkables. The one month backpacking trip with Dad around Spain brought me to many homes of God. I saw how in one religious building, many different religions built one upon another over different eras. I felt for myself how it is like to be in his Godly Presence. I learnt how and why pious people built His homes over centuries. I understood how religion came to form, and how lucky we are that we have now moved from the Piscean age where only the privileged holds the connection with him to this Aquarian age where we enjoy direction connection to Him and His wisdom, knowledge and divine intellegence.

On the earthly realm, it was my pilgrimage to visit all the masters in the art and architecture world. Being in the space of their original artworks, I could feel the emotions they were expressing through their works. I could suddenly connect with Vincent Van Gogh’s frustrations from not being understood by his world then, while he was way advanced before his times. I enjoyed the quirkiness of Salvador Dali, and learnt that we can (and should) really be ourselves however ridiculous we appear to the world around us. I learnt that artists and scientists can be great friends – Dali and Einstein are the loves of my life! I learnt that dark times do affect great people in ways we do not know – look at Picasso’s (and many others’) works before and after the war. I saw for myself how it is not wrong (although very very tough and disheartening) for a great professional who left behind the most amazing legacy to follow his heart and passion, yet die in the streets as an anonymous man. That is Gaudi I am talking about – the great pious man who abstracted so much inspiration and aspirations from Mother Nature, and built his legacies with his blood and sweat, all the details of his buildings bringing me to tears.

We really need to look back on their Spirit and think hard. Aren’t we giving effectiveness and productivity too much credit? Whatever happened to all the love and energy we put into making and doing things? That is what I would call a real exchange of energy – put your heart and mind into it, and pass on the loving and living energies.

At the emotional level, I learnt about communication. I had been taking too much for granted, and withholding too much from my family. I was too focused on my own goals and objectives. I saw it only from the pics of my Dad’s backpacking trips with my bro. The vibes are so different! It was a good learning trip for my Dad too 😉 We both learnt boundaries – healthy boundaries drawn in our last few days in Madrid. We split ways in the daytime, and caught up with our individual stories at night. Choosing to be together makes the company so much more enjoyable and appreciated, than feeling we have to be together – he (probably *begrudgingly*) went to all the cathedrals and art museums with me!!

Maybe we should do another trip together, and see how the dynamics have changed. Hee Hee.

When I started getting concerned about money, I got some freelance projects, which brought me to more places, I met more people and explored more fields. And also faced my heart and my hurdles. I gave a presentation to 400 people, in Mandarin. Oh my god. I saw for myself what my weaknesses are, and the limiting beliefs that I have to overcome in order to take on bigger things in life. Subconsciously (sssshhh…), I knew it was part of the plan to lead  His path for me (or our path that I have promised to co-create).
I am so so so glad that I had made good use of the break to Just Be. To just read and meditate and google whenever the still small voice nudges. It was a good break. I feel I am on path now, and seeing the bright bright Light ahead. Most thankfully, I am now back to earning my own keeps, and at the same time, the still small voice guides me into a balance to remain connected while working both realms through time and between time.

I am thankful. ❤

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