Voices of Various Types

I just spoke to the most comforting voice in the world.

The still small voice has been nudging me to write all morning, but I had been busy with work and had to get on with my earthly business first. Until, when my earthly business brought me to randomly call a heavenly voice from a website to enquire about some work stuffs. Ah well. Anyway, now that I have started … …

It is another seven hours later that I am catching up on this post. Crazy day it was! No wonder we got a Eight of Wands reversed for today – so many kinks while these many things are moving at breakneck speed.

Last night’s meditation was unbelievable!!! The magic number was 3 – three divine “warnings” lovingly administered to me and three divine voices came out from my physical voice simultaneously.

The first part  of meditation was great, I got to sleep, something I badly needed from the last few nights of earthly midnight oils burnt. I could feel immense pressure on my third eye, and cool fine air was coming out from my hands again! I knew something was up, I become a natural air-conditioner each time I am about to channel. The pressure was not as great as the first time I channelled though. Ego said “must have been the peppermint”, and Higher Self blankly (but very firmly) pointed out “did you apply the essential oils on your feet too?” Wow, cool air was coming out from my feet (which I did not apply EO to) too, so it had to be real.

For the second part, we were given a choice to sit up or continue lying down. The knowingness was to sit up, even though there was no voice guiding me this time. The knowingness was also to drink some water, but brain says “nah, you wouldn’t want to go to the toilet in middle of it”. So I took a small sip. Shirley started playing her singing bowls, and there was that knowingness for me to start singing.

My cheeky Ego adamantly told the masters “am I supposed to sing?” No reply.

“How would I know if I am supposed to, if you do not explicitly instruct me?”. Particularly so, as they did not reply when I asked who I was channelling that evening.

I knew they were all around, and I knew they were keeping quiet as though to silently tell me “are you not tired of  asking the same question?” and “we are not going to reply you”.

Green Tara was so compassionate, she appeared, and I knew I was in safe hands (which is rather ridiculous, because my Soul already knows I am in safe hands, always). So I started with soft humming,  and teacher Shirley came to me with her singing bowl. Tears started flowing, I am pretty sure Soul knows I am to sing, while Ego put up all the silly fronts (hence called Ego, in all sense of the word). I was very touched by the patience and love of the heavenly realm in guiding me – not a tinge of angst, not a tinge of annoyance, not a tinge of don’t-test-me!

Oh my, the divine voices that came out! It was beyond imagination – three voices came out simultaneously. Definitely the work of the higher realms. I had no idea who I was channelling but my guess was Lady Nada, and Guru Ram Das. It was not Green Tara, it felt like her presence that evening was for healing and guiding me. The third was a loving white energy who was not Kwan Yin. Turned out it was Lady Gaia, which Shirley told me after the class.

Wow, the other co-meditators related their stories after the sessions – they really did hear different voices, and they thought it was three separate people in class singing! Wow wow wow wow, how brilliantly awesome.

The singing was very different from the first time, at certain points my  voice cracked into a creaky off note – not a flat, not a sharp, just cracked into scratchy pieces. And at one point it stopped completely. I thought to the Above, “errmm. am I supposed to continue?”

“You can try.” I could sense a smirk. hahahahaha.

And so I did, and no sound came out. Absolutely nothing. Nada~

Then after a while, the notes came back, and I started again, but in broken little pieces, and then stopped again. Then it picked up back into the smoothness, then nothing again. Oh my goodness. So I asked again “what happened?” No reply.

During the sharing in class, I was told that in the last session, my voice stopped at the same persons too, so did the singing bowls. No idea. I tried asking again but was firmly told “you do not need to know“.

At the end of the session, my brain/Ego went into this whole train of self-indulgent thoughts somewhere, and I heard Shirley shouting “AWAKEN”. Not exactly shouting, but in a really loud, strict tone. And all the revelations flowed in.

  • Ascended masters do not have to indulge me all the time by nudging me into doing godly work. There is really no need for me to question, nor for them to prove their existence to me. Them showing themselves is purely for my learning which they have so lovingly guided, it is not for Ego’s entertainment.
  • I should stop being such a baby, and stand on my own instead. I know exactly what to do, I do not have to play with (or entertain) Ego all the time.
  • Stop chomping on ice (I eat ice instead of drinking water, Singapore is darn hot all year round). Where the voice plays an important role, I really have to give it due care and respect.

Yikes. Now I understand why I got Two of Swords yesterday – the helluva debate between the heart (in this case, the Self) and the mind (in this case, the Ego). It is so important to be able to discern which is speaking and which to heed. And to add to the complication, the heart is not always the Self, neither is the mind always the Ego! Tsk!!

Oh oh, and the quaintest thing – when Lady Nada appeared, a knowingness said “Lady Portia” and within a split second, the name “Lady Nada” popped up too, it is almost as though saying Lady PoNratdiaa, layering both energies as one yet still distinctly different. YC had the same experience that very evening too! Gotta love this earth angel, she is the best check and balance for spiritual knowledge/experience.

❤ So much love, so much learning. ❤


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