Part of a Whole

Have you ever wondered if there can ever be part of a Hole? (I mistyped that earlier, hah!)

I have been thinking about the Hologram. And also about Uncle Johnson’s reminder to not be so playful in seeing / differentiating the different light forms. And then, “part of the whole” popped up.

That link started occurring to me when Lady PortiaNada appeared, as though to tell me they are (almost) One. The same with the sudden knowledge of the existence of WhiteGreenYellowRed+38Others Tara.

They, and we, all are an aspect of the Universal existence. The idea of separateness comes in the human form, and there must be a reason. I guess we are not born Godly, but with the Godness in all of us. To build in that strive to rise, would need a difference, so that we can constantly push ourselves, essentially a motivating factor and a milestone check. Right?

Not really.

Why do we descend to ascend?

I guess life will be pretty boring if we remain status quo. More than that, we will actually cease to exist!

I guess existence is the Fact, the rest of the questions should be in what forms we exist in.

Why do I differentiate when I know the underlying concept is that we are all One? For one, I know I am playful, it is fun to figure out which master is guiding me at any one time. Secondly, I am on my learning journey, and each time I see their appearance, I will do some research to see what aspect they are bringing to humanity. It is a little like how I am using Tarot to have a more structured and deeper understanding into life and the philosophy behind. Human minds are only as knowledgeable as what we are exposed to, and part of the time our understanding of that knowledge is not exactly in line with what He is presenting to us. There lies wisdom that the masters bring, as their appearances are not incidental, but purposeful. Thirdly, of course I want to know the source of my information, however divine they are! I still find it hard to accept the fact that there are people who believe in “don’t question”. Is that my lesson, or is it theirs, I really do not know (as yet).

Life is so exploratory. And that is the whole point of Life too, is it not?

I am in no state of urgency to find out, but definitely welcome the unfurling of this Truth. In good time, in His time. We are Co-Creators, so, in my time too.Which, ultimately, still is His time. 🙂

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