I made it to yoga class this evening! 7:27pm, 3mins early. Phew. Cutting a little too close for my comfort. Everyone was already on the mats, waiting.

It is worth the trip. I got the nudging to put my name down in class right from early morning. But it took Mama SC to give that decisive tap, yay! 🙂 It really takes teamwork (our group card for today is Three Pentacles!) to keep everyone on track. It feels so good to have all of us in class, although I have no idea why that would even have an effect on me at all.

The learning started right from tuning in. I was suddenly very aware of the surround sound. Every sound was amplified, I could almost sense a lot of things from the sounds that came out, but today, I managed to tame my active brain, or well, to be more compassionate with myself – Brain was given a break. 🙂 So I merely basked my entire self in the momentous space and time.

The starting kriya was really strenuous though. We laid on our tummy, held on to our ankles and rocked on our solar plexus. Test of our will power, that was the training. Oh gosh. I was giggling at some point because of *private joke* some pain. We also did some dance moves and then the baby pose, I cannot remember which came first. The crux of it was that I was shown Life, and all the questions I posed in the earlier post. When in baby pose, I saw how life started. It was strange, I didn’t think that was the point of baby pose. But I felt myself as a physical body, and then I felt my soul enter. Honestly, I do not know whether that was my soul. But there was that spark that entered, and brought life into the vessel. Is that spark Soul or is that Spirit?

Anyway, the words that came, “Nothing. And Everything.” The world would cease to exist if nothing descends. Yet, it is also *still* Everything. And if there is no (process of) ascension, then everything will still be One, as with Everything. Which also means it is Nothing.

Such Grace, to give us Life.

We then did the dance moves, just swinging our hips around with our arms in the air. Hah, yes, it is yoga! We did bend and touch the floor when teacher Shirley cued. I think it was Yogi Bhajan who explained, “does this not remind you of this life journey? Everything is within you, you know how it feels, you know how it feels when it feels right. You already know. You just have to follow your body.”
“Yup, I know my sore arms.”
“You feel sore and tired because you feel your responsibility. You also know that we are all here to give you that support. You also feel the ease and smoothness of the flow that is within you, even in spite of the soreness you are feeling. Remember this feeling.”
I suddenly felt lighter, as though something else lifted my arms.
As I touched my palms to the ground, more messages came in. “Lessons come, and you will be cued. You will know.”
I felt really humbled each time I bent over on cue. “Lessons have their purpose. You know it.” I guess he must be referring to my bruised ego. hehe. Well, reminders reminders.

During one of the kriyas, a message floated in explaining fifth plane and the seventh. I cannot remember the whole teaching, but one of the points was that we are all in it together. It was a very profound teaching that I got, will edit it in when it comes back to mind (I absolutely cannot recall now. tsk.)

At one point I saw a vortex, spiralling. It looked a little like milky way, but it was spinning, and the colour was a mesh of peach/beige, orange, and carnelian kind of red. Imagine gently stirring a cup of milky orange latte with a tiny stream of latte art drawn in rose syrup, but all these in the air hovering at the ceiling.

I was so at peace today, I did not want to open my eyes! When we sang the closing Long Time Sun, it felt as though someone else was singing through me. Apparently, that was my Higher Self (nice voice, heh!). Actually, I thought it was a teeny weeny bit of channelling, cos Higher Self was busy nudging me, “Try it”, somewhat with a reference to Sunday’s lesson on relinquishing control. I guess I successfully did it today, hence that extreme sense of peace and tranquility, from not having to go through the internal debate, but just enjoy the moment per se.

The connection today felt so awesome, it really is part of Nothing, and also Everything. I continued closing my eyes even through the sharing after the yoga session.

When I briefly opened my eyes, I saw something magical with my naked physical eyes. Incredible! It was a huge bright pink / purple with a pulsating dark red inside. Someone has a lovely gorgeous guide that exudes so much vibrance and energy. And knowledge too.

Wow whee. Another enjoyable learning experience. ❤

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