Taming the Monkey Mind

Yesterday was teacher Shirley’s birthday! Incidentally, it was also our final class in that venue. A class of 16! Such a wonderful present from Universe.

I was feeling burning hot from morning, not just from the sweltering heat of normal Singapore weather, but a kind of pressure not just at the head/crown, but all the way through the body. So I pretty much expected class to be exciting in the evening. I was also pretty much prepped to “relinquish control” from the morning, so once class started, I went up to Seventh plane to report and command that I be protected, and that I relinquish all control to Him, and purely be His instrument for whatever needs to be done.

It was a little awkward when I was tasked to sneak out and open the door for Mama SC and Princess E. “What if I get frozen again?” Baby YC agreed to standby. hehe. That lucky lady got to sleep this meditation, I am sooooo envious!

I did not sleep a wink. There was so much pressure and currents running through my whole body. Frozen? Yup, my feet were cold. But my body was burning hot! I held on to the rose quartz which was also heating up. It was a very different experience this time, I could hear every word that Shirley said, but they just passed my brain by, they were just *plainly* words. No meaning, just sounds that floated past. Sounds that carry vibrations. I saw some weird images that I don’t remember (as usual), but I was not a tiny bit curious or worried. One vivid image was a lady with piercing bright eyes seeming looking deep into and beyond me. The rest were just *plainly* images, not at all registered by my conscious mind. Wow, this really is peace. So this is how it feels like to have a tame and zen monkey mind.

Exhilarating! haha, in a zen way. Hmmm.

I sort of knew I was going to sing (again). The technical term for it seems to be “toning”, which is a good description! Just different tones coming out through my voice, not at all singing, not at all humming. But it was strange, the sounds did not come out until much later. You can almost split it out into three sections – Blank – Tone – creak/Blank. But everything came out really natural, I did not have to ask questions, I did not have to think / ponder / guess. When it was time, the notes just floated out. And then, it stopped. Again. Just for curiosity sake, I tried to force a sound out, but NADA. NO SOUND AT ALL. So i knew this is for real!

There was only one voice this time though. I did not really ask who (I went up and announced that I relinquish all control!), but I sort of knew. He was beside me right from when I first settled into my mat. I guess I know how to tell by now, cos my behaviour really is different when the masters are around. It is quite funny, in a really really good way. I am very collected in their presence (even though I do not know they are present as yet), no flailing arms as I speak, no flighty giggling. When I’m in that kind of state / space, I know the space has transformed from a concrete-walled room to their (our) temple, where a certain level of propriety has to be observed.

During the sharing, PJ asked who the goddess I was channelling that evening. I cannot believe I actually giggled/blurted out a giggle. I was tickled, and impetuously replied “I don’t know”. I felt really bad about such a silly (almost rude????) behaviour, and went up to explain to her after the session. It was quite clearly Guru Ram Dass (I felt bad when Shirley had to prompt me to “tune in and find out” but my mind wasn’t sure if he was the one singing, cos I really cannot imagine), and the blurt was because it was the first time there were no feminine energies around! I did not even see Green Tara! Not sure why, but I hope they were/are rooting for Hillary at the debate. 🙂

SO. Now that my conscious mind is back monkeying, I am wondering why they asked me to bring my rose quartz to the meditation. Is it to balance the masculine energies? Is it to open my heart, to give and receive Love?

Dingz. Millions of questions for the Universe.

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