Existence in the Multitudes

I have some time on my hand to write today! No muse though, as I skipped yoga this evening to attend a work meeting.

Coincidentally, someone raised a question on group chat about past life, so I guess that is a good enough topic to churn out some text.

Throughout my life, I have been told of my many past lives. Firstly, I know I have committed more than seven lifetimes to spiritual work, cos that is the “prerequisite” for me to have found my way into the Tao religion more than ten years ago. It was also then, that I was exposed to oracles – basically the “channelling” I mentioned in my blog quite often. It is not exactly mediumship, because the channelled entities are ascended masters. However, they had stricter enforcements, and it seems that only the very pure vegans from birth have the privilege to play the channelling role. So I know for sure I had been monks (recurring theme for many lifetimes!), priests, priestesses. I wonder if they consider witches one of the seven, though. Heh.

I have also visited many psychics in my pursuit of figuring life and the hurdles presented. Past life readings help in this case, as they present a broader perspective of what lessons behold at that point in time.

Different types of monks I have been – someone walking the streets, smiling and sharing stories while seeking alms; architecture monk working on the temples of Angkor Wat; recluse monk who spent an entire lifetime in a cave (/somewhere dark and in solitude). I had been a priest somewhere in the European world too, not sure where though; and a high priestess somewhere Asian. I had been a witch too! Persecuted during the Middle Ages for my healing and divination abilities. Thus, I had been so darn afraid of tarot cards since I first played with them, yet, the fear stemmed from their accuracy and the much deeper truth it holds beyond that physical deck of cards (I knew it then, just did not have the wisdom to understand). I had been a farmer as well (possibly a farmer monk too), someone who used the stars as technology to do farming work, and I was supposedly one of the early pioneers teaching it to communities then. It is awesome – I found this little piece of message when I first embarked on bio-dynamic farming, which is exactly that! It seems that this life will involve a large part of that too, but incorporating many other genres of teaching / sharing / crusade. I had also enjoyed high lives of luxury, I moved from a grand castle to a tiny rural castle (still a castle.. heh) somewhere in Europe, I knew I was some Asian princess somewhere at some point too, and I knew I held many high positions though not aristocratic.

Well, lives are not always rosy and sweet. I had also found out about a really baddddd past life. It was so terrible I have yet to fully come to terms with it. It was not surprising though, as I had always held a very keen interest (both in awe and in disgust) about a certain topic. So yes, I was a disgustingly powerful person, which could be a huge reason why I had so many issues about (shunning) power. Luckily I have theta, which is helping me release all these issues, and I am reclaiming power and the acceptance of power back in my hands. Anyway, knowing this vestige of information helped me cross a very big fork in my life, and I am sooooo thankful that He guided me to choosing the “right” path by dotting this story when I was in the dark abyss.

There really is pure love in this world. How we came here, what we came here for, the role we play (be it good, bad or really ugly) here, there are all fairly good reasons we may not be aware of (yet). Why did I mention His pure love? For the really undescribably ugly bad stuff I did in whichever life then, He still treated me very well this life. So I am pretty sure human beings must have some misunderstanding about the idea of “karma”. Law of Compensation and Law of Cause and Effect have much more profound mechanisms than our shallow understanding from mortals’ eyes. This makes me more sure that the concept of us planning our lives prior, and then living it out through Co-Creating with Him, such that we learn the lessons we planned makes more sense. AND the “good” and “bad” guys we point at, there is really no “good” or “bad” because we are just playing out what we had agreed to, so that we learn the lessons we have to.

For a much better written storyline (but of course, it’s channelled!!!) on this concept, I highly recommend my favourite book The Journey Home by Lee Carroll / Kryon.


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