Another packed day. Yet with a nudging to blog this. So I shall strike a balance and blog keywords for contemplation, and fill in the rest later.

Knowledge | Wisdom – knowledge on the right, wisdom right down the centre.

Time | World – when time is not own our side, we can be still be sure the world is.

Within | Without – there are still occasions when we need to lean on the outer forces. Lean on the Wisdom, which will tell us that Time.

Trial & Error – we are not taught nor instructed every part of our journey. Even our knocks and bruises are pre-planned and part of the Co-Creation process. So, why be afraid (I need to drill this program into Brain).

More on Within – do not care what others think, everyone is entitled to their own (differing) opinion(s). Everyone walks their own journey with Him. Be brave and do trial & error.

* * * edit * * *

I now realized why the stillsmallvoice is nudging me so hard to logging down the above notes. It is to set me in the right perspective, so that when I mess up, I know to view it from the above.

Yupz! So I made a tiny mess. Hehe. But like the firm voice that popped in at last night’s meditation said, “your stress comes from the ego”, I am ready to accept that bit of truth, accept mistakes I make, and also acknowledge that it is way better to move forward, than be immobilized and stuck at the same point.

25Euros to teach me a lesson, I think it is quite an okay price to pay for a life lesson. If we project it out to the larger scheme of things, it is farrr farrrr farrrrrrr better to take (calculated) risks and move, and be held down / back by fear.  Life can be perfectly smooth, yet life can also have little setbacks which we have to cross to get to the next stage.

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