Eerie no more


It has been a really strange week, He is showing me something that I have yet to fully comprehend. There is some form of test going on around here, I am still not sure if I have passed it or not, but seems like I’m seeing a little bit of light around the issue now. Other than that I can still see the Light Team beaconing their support on other aspects, so it should all be still well.

It was our Reiki Share session again on Sunday, and I was totally physically present but spiritually very present somewhere else. I did not feel a thing, I did not think a thing, I was just … well … present. I believe I slept a little while receiving healing, and probably jerked a little while I nodded away. I did not know where I was, and I did not question where I was too. Rahaha! I do not even recall feeling any heat or coolness or vibrations. I did not even remember whether or which ascended master was present. I guess the second I know I am safe, my mind/body switches off and fully hand over to Him.

I think the last few months of training have done me a lot of good. I am now totally zen about clearing entities and spaces. I no longer find it eerie nor annoying! While someone was sharing, I could sense some negative energies, and I just naturally tuned in, grounded myself and sent them to God’s light. No drama, no monkeys, no circus. I cannot even recall what I said when it was my turn to share. I only remembered toying with the little red blob of light during the earlier meditation before we started Reiki. It was fun, the energy was very strong and when I thought I was being twirled into the whirlpool, a voice prompted me to spin my hands. Once I did that the swirling energies calmed down, and I was in control again, and when I stopped, the space around me spun again. It was fun fiddling with the etheric control button.

I was still rather uncomfortable at the end of the session and after our lunch, and had to ground myself again. It was funny, I was instructed to help clear something else for someone at the other end of the room. I was speaking in such a firm tone during that clearing, I gave myself a rather rude shock. It was great training for me, so many revelations within just that short session. 1. When I am not meant to say something, nothing can come out of my mouth, even when a piece of information is served on a silver platter; 2. Even when I am not given the full picture, I know when the resolution has still not been reached, and will still be prompted to push a little further; 3. the Fifth plane is a really thick plane of existence that has all sorts of differing frequencies and groups of energies in there; 4. there is always a sort of divine timing for a person to be ready to accept the resolution, yet I should still do what I can to guide the person towards it (under divine guidance of course), because one really does not know what the circumstance a person is under when prompted to say yes / no / accept / decline; 5. being a clear channel allows me to watch and learn as a third persona, and absorb the complete unadulterated essence of the Divine; 6. there is definitely a reason why I am not prompted to do even what I usually and *always* do because He sees a much bigger picture that I cannot imagine.

Teacher Shirley came and helped to continue with the clearing using her lovely singing bowls. We both fell asleep, I cannot remember for how long, but it was a very restful one.

I also noticed how my memory functions in explainable ways. I cannot remember most of the channellings, but when I am meant to recall, I have the memory of an elephant! They just flow out without even the need to snap my fingers. I am impressed.

Feeling better now, but also feeling really sleepy. Not tired but just sleepy. Plainly zonked out with little consciousness left for work. I guess it is almost 11, and my physical consciousness now stops at 11pm. Thush says it is a blessing, and I can now see why.

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