This is an interesting word, because its present tense is the name of one of our foods! Satay, sometimes spelt sate in some foreign lands, is a skewer of sweet marinated meat grilled over charcoal, and dipped in spicy peanut sauce.



Had a brief but very good chat with my cousin today. She was helping me with the environmental science analysis (aka fengshui) of my new office, and explained certain concepts to me.

Elicit | Illicit

I love words that sound so alike, yet have vastly different meanings. It makes me think twice and thrice and more about the “what?!” and the “why?”. Just like Elusive | Illusive.

Energy bodies

My soul was really happy at today’s class! I should have known, it was soul that has been so badly wanting to attend. What we learnt in class are not exactly new to me – chakras, energy bodies – I learnt the former through chakra balancing meditation (and also reiki ten years ago), and the latter…


This mythical world I live in. It has been extremely enjoyable writing about the existence of energies that surround us, that which we are made of, yet at the same time, that which we are unaware or know so little about. They are so factual yet so unexplainable. There is so much untapped information in each…


Such a vivid dream last night. The weirdest of dreams, but I can remember the scenes – places on earth but I have never been before, people I ‘know’ but most I have never met before. Well, the only one I have met was Pam. There was a party group of around thirty people of…


I finally understood the ordeal via a dream last night. When we download divine messages, we have to unpack them, and in the process of unpacking, a lot of energies are released in the process, hence all the heatiness and fever.

The cackling fires

We have to keep burning away the karma and keeping the lessons, and that flame goes on and on until the day we are done and dusted. And yay, we then rise back home – the Light we are, rejoining the Light that is.


Daily prompt seems to be stuck at Second Thoughts. I think this is an appropriate prompt to be held at, following today’s results. Or, time has already come to a standstill, when we can just freeze ourselves and wake up four years later.

That irksome cough

I have never used irksome as an adjective for coughs! They have either been mild or murderous.

Expansionism is my blood

As a trained urban planner, there is an innate tendency to spot patterns and gaps on any kind of plans. From”Oh, so there is such a place in this world”, to “wow, I want to go there!”, “too much concentration on Europe”, “you mean there’s nothing in Africa yet?” and “we really need to build up Asia”.