That irksome cough

I have never used irksome as an adjective for coughs! They have either been mild or murderous. It started on Thursday, during the meditation. The annoyed in me puts the blame on the lady at the mat on my right, but then again, I do feel sorry for her coughing which sounded bad enough. I have been half-losing my voice since Friday, without feeling at all sick other than the annoying cough. SO, I am half-attributing it to a healing crisis? I certainly hope so.

Work had been intense, but extremely fulfilling. It can be rather scary at times,  but I guess  I just have to find my way around. There are so many quotes out there about a life half-lived if we were to only hover within our comfort zones, too many inspiring quotes that I shall just use my own banal terms to describe it. In my own little ways, on this little journey these two years, I can see from my little eyes the little good-and-bad stories that the successful entrepreneurs talk about in retrospect upon reaching where they are today. I do hope I can share my little stories one day on a little platform in this little world.

Why do I still chose this path? It is really interesting to embark on different fields, and also view things from a totally different perspective. I have done design and construction in very different roles before – consultant, researcher/academic, strategist, designer, design lead, project manager, client, even a construction worker at some point. So I guess it is just another learning curve to go through from these massive huge projects to tiny words in bulk. There is no comparison, but really, it takes a whole new set of eyes and brains to work in a different field and culture. I really enjoy seeing the world from different perspectives as it gives me a different insights as to how things and people work.

However positive it sounds, I still feel the stress at times. It is certainly due to impatience, and ego, which I have fortunately, learnt to put aside. I am so thankful that the still small voice is now speaking up louder, and I can hear her every moment, explaining all situations from a much higher perspective. So many times I thought they were the masters and angels speaking to me, but teacher Shirley pointed out that it is great that I am now so connected to my Higher Self. So yea, my newest theory / concept is that the Higher Self is that walkie-talkie communicating between me and the masters, guides and angels. Hehe, and my newest revelation is that … Higher Self is basically what I have been addressing as Holy Spirit! The highest aspect of who we can be, which is also that divine piece of godliness in us. Hehe, I am that slow… I have always been asking dear Spirit to help me out on so many aspects of life!

HAHAH. I am going to laugh myself to sleep tonight.

Cough cough.

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  1. Saloni says:

    haha. Loved it! 😀

    As a fellow ill person, and as a reader.

    Liked by 1 person

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