Daily prompt seems to be stuck at Second Thoughts. I think this is an appropriate prompt to be held at, following today’s results. Or, time has already come to a standstill, when we can just freeze ourselves and wake up four years later.

I am not American, neither am I politically inclined, therefore not in much of a position to make any comments. BUT, much thoughts (like ‘what the heck?!’) and emotions (I dropped a tear or two, or maybe a few more) filled me as I watched the results unfold. I was angry. I was sad. I was in disbelief: this country voted for a symbol of resentment and hate?! I hate to imagine how things churn out when this symbol is turned into action. Oh my oh my oh my. How did we come to this?

No wonder I woke up with a heartache this morning, I could feel all the pressure and vibrations running through me. In fact, I even thought today was a day of healing heart chakras! The usual group card I pick every morning showed Nine of Pentacles reversed, and the reading felt weird and unconventional. Spiritual strength is greatly needed and we badly need to look inwards. It was a terribly weird feeling.

A couple of hours later, I stepped out of my warm cosy bedroom and my dad told me “Trump is leading”. I was not fully awake / conscious and casually wrote him off “nah, you are misreading it, he’s only leading in one of those states”. Babyboo the tv hogger chose his cartoons over letting his poor deprived aunt watch news (wise choice though), so I caught the news in my room and was in utter *shock*.

And then it dawned on me, oh dear me, I hope the card is not referring to the elections. Mentor  messaged about our embassy project amongst a string of many other rambles, and I was still adamantly / pretentiously hopeful, “………… I am still hoping for surprises ………….”. I was feeling fearful, but I did not want to add to the energy of it.

Teacher Shirley had dropped a quote from Yogi Bhajan earlier, as advice / consolation to that reversed nine pentacles, “Understand through compassion or you will misunderstand the times.”

I tried very hard to take  a broader perspective of the situation, but am really struggling to come to terms with it. Here it goes, my highbrow attempt to make sense of earthly stupidity:

  • An exhibition of free will that human beings enjoy. Admittedly, I was frantic, and so I prayed hard. Seventh plane was calm and pearlescent and bright as usual, and fifth plane explained unfazed, “no need for drama, this is a reflection of the free agency of people”. Yikes, now I know why it is so important to connect to the collective consciousness in order to make a change. One really needs to know the people to awaken the people in order to change the people and the world we live in.
  • Hatred and resentment are all around us, but we chose to look and work towards the ideal. Which, in all good honesty, I never thought was a bad idea until today. A little voice whispered in my ear today that the Third Eye chakra can only see clearly when the Root chakra is strong and developed. I believe it is pointing to this – the foundation has to be strong, while we work towards the ideal. There are still disenfrenchised people not seeing/enjoying the light, however stupid we feel they are. It does take a bigot to fan the flames and watch them burn. [Talk about fire, the other voice in me is screaming “Liar, liar, pants on fire”] So, maybe it is time they enjoy a little bit of attention, and watch the world from their eyes, instead of feeling plainly victimised by Life.
  • A separate collective consciousness (which is already evidently forming) will take a different pace and thereby accelerating the elevation of those previously left behind (while they air and clear their hatred and resentment).
  • This higher consciousness collective will turn into themselves to search for their own answers, bypassing the authoritative institutions (whom I have no idea how they can even be dependable right now…). Somewhat similar to religious institutions in the earlier times – people connect to God via religious heads (who are after all human beings with their own issues and opinions), while since 2012, we have gained direct connection to Him. Same same.
  • Compassion vs Judgment. Compassion is viewing the situation with Love, through His eyes. Judgment is viewing it from our eyes on others’ situations, and not realising that everyone comes to this earth with their role to play. I have no idea what role he (the one with small hands) has to play in the larger scheme of things, just like, up to now, I have no idea why Hitler existed, and what kind of spiritual guides he had. Absolute rude, disrespectful judgment from my earthly eyes and brains. Enlighten me, dear Enlightened Ones.

Well, well, well. Cold, hard, reluctant facts of today’s reality.

Maybe, just maybe, he is such a supercarelessfragileegoextrabraggadocious  only to get into the White House and then he will behave like a proper normal human being again? Feeling the shudders, the fearful shudders.. teemed with an incredulous hope that there is a bigger storyline that makes a lot more sense than what we are seeing. I have no idea.

In the meantime, maybe an alternative to consider: QUEEN OFFERS TO RESTORE BRITISH RULE OVER UNITED STATES.

We all need a little satire to laugh it all off. All the world’s a stage anyway, right?


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  1. Le_Happyone says:

    It’s probably because its the end of Daylight savings. Noticed that it comes later these days.


  2. Le_Happyone says:

    And… yeah, I was pretty bummed about Trump too. Hardly surprising, though. With Brexit a few months back, it is warning about how stupid people can be when it comes to elections. Americans aren’t as well-read, or educated as we think they are, unfortunately. Just look at their local newspapers.

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Not a good year, this one…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Le_Happyone says:

        Well, I dont honestly think that Trump’s victory matters, though. It’s not like the people of the US can vote on every policy in the next 4 years. In the end the parties are still in charge. Bleah. Remember “yes, we can”?

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      2. leapingtoes says:

        Haha, you read my mind. I just added a whole chunk of contents into this post.


      3. Le_Happyone says:

        Eh? Will check. 😂


      4. Le_Happyone says:

        Saw it. Liked the satire. 😂

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  3. Thanks for publishing your thoughts about the election. Yes, there is resentment and hatred. I have given up the arrogance of believing that what happened shouldn’t have happened. I need to connect with people with different minds, with different stories. The progression of far right is a threat in my country, and nothing will change about it if we keep judging the people who support it. Stupidity? No. Resentment, anger, hatred, fear. Times for healing. For those who are ready for it. “No use to pull on the lettuce to make it grow faster”. There’s a need to connect on a deeper level! In these challenging times, I find inspiration in the spiritual journey of 4 young persons during the 2nd world war: Talking with Angels.

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Thank you so much. This is god-send~ I have been looking for answers to this, and I believe there is a much bigger picture up there that I have yet to understand. The next hurdle is getting access to this book from a land where many things (books, thoughts, ideas, concepts) are banned. Tsk.
      Thanks, love. ❤


      1. Oh, sorry to hear that! Could this help you?


  4. I am American. But “Not my President”. I love your play on the word supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!! Brilliant!!! I will have to commit that one to memory when referring to that moron who “leads” our country. Thank you for your perspective. I am all too aware of how ridiculous our nation looks to other countries.


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