Creator does not seem to want me to work. Not a tongue-in-cheek statement, but I am really spaced out right now, and cannot deal with work tasks at the moment. After a week of heatiness, culminating into a day of fever on Friday, I finally understood the ordeal via a dream last night. I saw myself unpacking baggages and baggages of white boxes, and the message was that when we download divine messages, we have to unpack them, and in the process of unpacking, a lot of energies are released in the process. Unpack, in this case, refers to integration, and the release of energies refers to not only the old energies stored in us, but also the new energies downloads come together with a lot of heat and vibrations not directly related to the lessons.

I am so spaced out, and obviously integrating the lessons from not just yesterday, but the past week, or even way before that. As I write, I understand more, and more guidance comes in, prompting me to do further clearing and downloads. I have been spacing out and walking in and out of my room and then more thoughts and understanding enters. This is so strange, yet so beautifully amazing. Each time I try to do some work, Spirit seems to draw me away to something else, apparently work is a distraction to this integration process.

The previous post brought me to a deeper understanding about Law of Compassion. The more profound essence of it is that each and everyone of us has a role to play, in each of our lives, and that instead of judging who is good and bad, the compassion is in seeing that we are all doing our best to play our role in teaching one and another the lessons we have come to this world to learn. Creator showed me a shark. Do we fault a shark for eating other fish? Or for eating another human being? It is born as a shark, and that it what it does. A compassionate shark? A compassionate shark will learn that when a human being shoots it for eating another human being, it is part and parcel of this thing called Life, because each and every being is learning one lesson or another through this platform called Life.

My earhole bled this morning. Whose earhole bleeds? I see that as a manifestation of the Law of Compensation, there has to be an energy exchange however big of small it is. For the bloodshed that I caused many lives ago. This morning was spent sending healing to that battlefield, and compassion (loads of it) and forgiveness and love, and I could see the light enter each and everyone at the scene. This is what the world needs – Light – to understand the learning within; rather than the other polarity of – Darkness -resentment and hate from the victims and  guilt from the perpetrators. Light shines upon the circumstance and shows the lessons and teachings, understanding that Light raises the vibrations of all. I *finally* accepted the lesson that we all come from a position and stance of love. We are all here to teach one another the lessons we have come to learn.

Laggy as I am, I only learn these lessons many lives later. I released a lot of guilt, self-doubt, fear of power, fear of misuse / abuse of power, fear of the dark, self-resentment,  I am tearing as I write these down. And, in the more recent past in this life itself, I saw why I had to burn so much joss paper when I knelt and prayed for the longest time eight years ago. The skeptic in me was bewildered there and then, judging with my very earthly eyes “you mean deities are that corrupt too, what would they do with all these joss money I’m burning?” Now, I know, what I was burning was not my contribution to them (bribe them into blessing me?!), but rather, as apologies and symbolic to the repayment of all the bad deeds that I have owed to the lost lives and broken families I had caused in that life. Etherically, I continued praying and sending light (not burning) to all in the scene and their families and loved ones, until the dark energies cleared and the scene turned to one of love and light. Each and everyone became a beacon of light. I feel relieved and happy, not just for the fact that I have released myself from this awful past, but that everyone else has, and that everyone else has been liberated from that lesson, and now their souls can light up others’ in understanding similar lessons. It does feel good to engage in the clearing of a collective consciousness. I suppose that is the esoteric way of raising the vibrations of our world as a whole. 🙂 Well, now that I see it from this perspective, I can feel the importance of the role each and everyone of us has to play. It takes a more evolved being to take up the role of the “bad” guy, or even the very “unfortunate” guy battered up by life. Look at Nick Vujicic, he is definitely here to teach us Love and all aspects of it, and he must have been really evolved to take this role up.

Now that this is cleared (in all sense of the word!!!!), seems that I can do some of my earthly work now. 😉

With all Love, Light and Compassion. To All. Let us keep the little flame of faith ignited in us, while we watch the rest of our reality unfold. This time, with Compassion and understanding. ❤

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