The cackling fires

Many moments of revelations of this first half of the weekend. So many things are meant to be, while at the same time, so much change is within our hands. So many things we lament, yet so much stemmed from the possibilities we do not see.

Life lessons burn in our lives like a cackling fire. We have to keep burning away the karma and keeping the lessons, and that flames go on and on until the day we are done and dusted. And yay, we then rise back home – the Light we are, rejoining the Light that is. That light godly spark in all of us.

We had a mini meeting / clearing session before the actual theta workshop, and I saw how swiftly Evlyn unplugged from a certain collective consciousness and plugged into a more empowering one. I witnessed for myself how we rose past a grey cloud of murkiness, and watched it clear and the light shone through. It is amazing. Within myself, I also learned that Third Eye has a focus, which we also have to learn to make use of, in order to zoom in and out of what we want / choose to see. I also saw how sometimes the way we behave stem not from ourselves, but the consciousness  (in earthly terms, culture) that we are plugged into, and worse, some people actually embody them. No wonder Law of Compassion blinkered so hard at me during yesterday’s session – there are so many other invisible factors ‘governing’ us, whether or not we are aware of them. Of course, I have learnt all these in theory throughout theta class – the four levels of ancestral (family lineage / DNA), history (collective consciousness), core (this life), and soul (all the many lives), but it is only in its application that Knowledge gets crystallised into real understanding and maybe what we call wisdom. I suppose not Wisdom yet, until we really know how to utilise them in the most appropriate, relevant, and the highest good of All.

It was good learning. I saw the hidden dynamics, and the “weird, queasy feeling” was translated into intelligible terms. My favourite part was witnessing Evlyn’s wisdom on what and how to apply – she put a lotus in the office. Wow. Who would have thought? I would probably see / say something along the lines of “Wow, got flower.” and that was that. This is the very reason why I really enjoy Theta classes, there is so much to learn, so much new concepts and so much applicability. Much, and not many, because it is uncountable.

As usual, I was in a ‘blur’ once we got to the theta state. We did a group exercise of uncovering beliefs, and another deeper one for the same beliefs. Wow, it was really peeling off the layers of our lives. Another new technique, yay! Downloading and testing were easy this time, it was good. Digging was interesting, I cleared another past life. A past life I believe had been surfacing over a few times of healing, which i cleared and healed certain aspects each time. Past lives, in all its glory that we like to talk about, sometimes and for some people, even a topic for showing off, are not always that bright chirpy and good-to-know stories. It really depends on the issue we need to clear or the lessons we need to learn at a certain point in time.

I guess after so many times of feeling disgust over who I was, I finally got to the layer of facing what I did. SG pointed out that my fear of light stemmed from my fear of standing in the dark. So philosophical, I told her it was to profound for me to understand. In any case, we did a clearing for that life, when I saw and accepted what I did and sent healing to everyone and myself for what had happened. I have no idea why, I am still unable to put them out in words here. Coincidentally, Yan messaged me something along the same line that evening, about shadows not being necessarily bad. Amazingly, one healing cleared all three beliefs, and even the other nine that we did not quite realise was part of the exercise. Haha, but all was meant to be.

Popped by my cousin’s in the afternoon and … i am blown out of my mind – human resilience and perseverance, and how higher beings really do stand on much higher ground, to show and teach fellow human beings what Light really is, even though the Dark was eating her up. I am so proud of her, and there is so much to learn from her. Compassion and love, if we always take that position and perspective, it will do the world a lot of good. Whether or not the people learn, that is really also their own stories and soul development path.

After clearing her auric space, I could feel the joy, which was beyond description. The amount of golden light shining through. Boy. It was delightful to hear her exclaim “that is my energy” and I was wowed out. So different from when we started, with all the stickiness and murkiness. It was a very different experience doing healing with her, I could feel myself in a different dimension altogether, a poignant example being floating in the clouds and even sailing in the skies. And the amount of golden light, wow, I could see and feel it with my naked eyes. I feel so honoured to have this opportunity.

Vicissitudes of life are all predestined even in the minutest of details. I happened to be in the bus to her place, happened to message her, and the heavy downpour happened to stop, and I found myself at her place, although we had been arranging to meet for the past few months. And I happened to release a past life lesson for someone in the morning, the very same one that I helped her release that evening. Such synchronicity! I happened to also bring a deck of cards, which I never did bother for any theta classes since I am usually too zoned out to play anything.

So, this morning, I did a similar clearing for myself – soul fragments exercise, psychic attacks clearing, psychic cords cutting, and then I feel my own energy again! The exclamation and knowingness of “this is MY energy”, not the sticky murky one that I had been walking around earth for the past two weeks. Love, so much love. It always helps to be kind and help people, cos there is some universal law that will return that same kindness and healing back to us. Trust and faith!

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