Such a vivid dream last night. The weirdest of dreams, but I can remember the scenes – places on earth but I have never been before, people I ‘know’ but most I have never met before.

Well, the only one I have met was Pam. There was a party group of around thirty people of different nationalities. I don’t remember much, but that he is Italian, he looks German though. His name and pic was right at the bottom of a stack of documents of other names and pics, almost like a profile archive. Pam asked me who it was and to look for Number 001, and I flipped through the pile to find him right at the bottom. He came knocking on the door, so we chatted (we have already known each other, possibly through that group party/stayover in the forest/small rural town), and said our byes. In the car, Pam said, he knows too and is interested. But those are all the undercurrents that are so unapparent in our communication.

What a strange dream!

I dated an Italian before but this is definitely a different person altogether. He is more like one of the quiet German dudes (friends’ friends) I hung out with to chill and relax over drinks after a hard day’s work (but not for real conversations).

Oh shux. They do have a party tonight that I was intending to skip. Hehe.

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