Energy bodies

My soul was really happy at today’s class! I should have known, it was soul that has been so badly wanting to attend. What we learnt in class are not exactly new to me – chakras, energy bodies – I learnt the former through chakra balancing meditation (and also reiki ten years ago), and the latter from kundalini yoga. YET, my soul was so darn happy, there must be something my physical self had not fully accepted, applied, or integrated until today.

My feeling is that there must be something about completion of some lesson from the past, e.g. there may be some (or even all) people I have to touch base with this life, and this class provided that platform for us to be present in the same space doing the same thing, or helping each other with some thing.

The other possibility is that I have finally let go of any judgments I had about Egyptian divinities, and finally come to terms with their presence, guidance, and accepted my role / identity be it past, present, or future. Just like how I had to release all judgments against the sikh gurus, and they all showed up after to tell  me they have and will always be guiding me, just a matter of whether I tear down that wall between us. Honestly, Egyptian past came to me at the start of last year, when I got an Egyptian ankh and eye pendulum rather than the Archangel Michael one. And also Karin showing me her scarab, and I spoke to it. I knew, but never expected, nor accepted, the affinity I had with them. When I brought my Libyan stone home, I saw Isis in her vivid colours of blue and that special hue of rainbow colours. We spoke. I thought she was Cleopatra though… hah! I only saw her physical form today! I saw her in Light form some time back, when Princess E called upon her to our meditation class. That beautiful vivid blue. Wowz. At one point, YC and Princess E were so involved with Egyptian divinities, I started to know more about them, the different stories and personalities behind. I was more intrigued by the tabloid stories between and amongst the characters though. So interesting, but such convoluted narratives.

I was sooo happy during the meditation today, I witnessed the clearing of each wheel as they spun anti-clockwise, and could even hear the gold sparks scratching on the chakras during the clearing. It was funnier when we fill up each chakra! Someone was having problems visualising the colour of each, so we were looking for different objects in the house to describe the colour to fill the chakras. All our throat chakras were depleted of energies, and I seriously think it was because we filled it up with the wrong shade of blue. Teacher May pointed to the dustbins outside “that blue!” after which we all managed to fill  it up to 100%. So many anecdotal examples of earthly applications of energetic concepts. It was great fun!

The final possibility of why my soul is so happy is that we have strict instructions not to drink any cold or ice water after the meditation / clearing / healing, for the next NINE hours. Which basically means that if I meditate before I sleep and when I wake up, I basically have zero chance of drinking any ice water, or eating any ice for that matter. HAHA. What a way to conquer the weirdest addiction.

I am soooooooo looking forward to tomorrow’s class!!


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