This mythical world I live in. It has been extremely enjoyable writing about the existence of energies that surround us, that which we are made of, yet at the same time, that which we are unaware or know so little about. They are so factual yet so unexplainable.

There is so much untapped information in each and everyone of us. Started my spiritual ten years ago with reiki, learnt to tap into the cosmic energy which is actually our divine birthright that not many of us know about or are in touch with. Started practicing Theta, also tapping into the cosmos, but more to gain a broader and more Truthful perspective of every little aspect of us, and every little aspect shown to us through little incidents in life. Will be starting Sacred Activations next year (two more months to go!!) to tap into the collective consciousness – to understand, to unplug, and to plug, into the cultural clouds that shape our brains, and thus, lives. This is a zoom-in focus from what Theta shows us, when we need to be shown. I have caught glimpses of it in meditative states, and I am pretty sure there is something He wants me to work on in that Aspect.

Also started practicing Kundalini Yoga, after kundalini reiki which is probably that bridge from my previous stage of self-healing journey. Kundalini yoga brought me into self awareness (theta brought me self empowerment), and also strengthened this physical body to hold a lot more cosmic light. I feel like a little transformer, that which tunes down the cosmic frequencies to physical language and conveyed to our human race. So, upgrading my physical vessel to hold more light is probably part of the journey to hold more in terms of volume and frequencies. Chakra meditation was an auto-sweeping practice, that clears the lower densities, so that more light can enter. It is also fine-tuning my antenna to more clearly see and understand the cosmic messages, and the masters had been so compassionate in explaining to me on/with my terms, the frequencies entering me that I had not been able to make sense of.

So. Today. I am sitting in the MRT station typing this before I head for my Chakra and Energy body class. After connecting to and learning so much about the Above, the Past, and the Around, I am going to go Within and learn more about this energy bodies that I have been walking this earth with, without paying much attention to it. And of course the spinning wheels on the central axis within this body. Honestly, her SMS description of the course makes it sounds it sound so banal, that each time I look at it, I wonder “what the heck”. Yet, Soul really wants to go for it. I have no idea, I have a feeling this is going to unlock another new world of learning for me.

*cross fingers*

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