Had a brief but very good chat with my cousin today. She was helping me with the environmental science analysis (aka fengshui) of my new office, and explained certain concepts to me. She mentioned putting an alpha spin or a tourmaline on my table, and well, I can guess what she is referring to. I also gaily suggested buying Citrine to draw in the flourishing energies of abundance, and… she posed a really good well-meaning question along the lines of: what is the point of learning all these energy healing if you intend to rely on objects to do the work?

“Just send golden light. ”

Woohoo~ I love talking to her. I always thought I’m already very good at practical application of energy works, but she is so darn good at it. I started adoring her awesomeness the day she told me about using golden light to reserve parking spots!

I have been so diligently cleansing space, I nearly forgot I can energize them too. Hehehe.

She also reminded me about sending healing to my ancestral lines. Hehe, my immediate thought was “don’t we share our ancestral lines?!”. Fortunately, I held my tongue, we only share a quarter of the line, mathematically. It just further amazes me the conplexity of life and how much details go into forming the I.

We are really well-thought out and precisely designed. Yet, we still have half the say in how we turn out to be.

This thing called Life.

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