This is an interesting word, because its present tense is the name of one of our foods! Satay, sometimes spelt sate in some foreign lands, is a skewer of sweet marinated meat grilled over charcoal, and dipped in spicy peanut sauce.

I could see my soul’s appetite finally sated during one of our downloads at the theta workshop this morning. Evlyn saw a pair of Mandarin ducks while clearing one of my beliefs! Haha, this is what I love about growing with the theta group, we have done so much work and clearing together, that we know when and what to congratulate each other on, when something significant gets released!

The topic today is on Rejections. I saw how one’s Rejections of others are so closely associated with how one feels rejected by others. Does not have to correspond with the same reference group of people, but the patterns repeat. I also learnt that my perspective and understanding of rejection was different from Creator’s! It was really funny, because before that, 1. I could not find those incidences and beliefs to let go of; and 2. I was going all over the place and then told “nah, that’s not rejection”. Hehe. Circumstances, boundaries, communications. So many other factors governing one’s actions, they so so so do not fall under rejections per se.

Somehow we ended up sending love and gratitude to my kidneys during one of the pairwork exercises. It was only after the exercise that Evlyn told us, “oh yes, rejections are stored in the kidneys”. Wow whee, scored points *ding ding*.

It was great. Back to the Mandarin ducks, it is really very important to pray for guidance. Creator really send us messages from all directions to help us reach out and put things in their rightful place. After my phone conversation with my cousin, as though the message was not strong enough, when I dropped by a shop to buy my stuff, it so happened that someone who happened to also be at that shop told me he saw an old lady around me, possibly my grandma/ancestor. An old Chinese granny in black pants and floral top with Chinese cuffs and collars. What’s the possibility of that happening!!

Absolutely sated. Now I can move back to my mind space of earthly work. With ease and grace!

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