Echoes in the rocks

Yay, I brought my newest tool / toy out of the closet today! I shall call him Libby for now. Sometime two weeks ago, I was led / called to a lovely Libyan stone, also known as the golden tektite or desert glass, which I have happily brought him home with me after two days apart. There was such an urgent call (esoterically), that I was worried about what lies ahead, and went out in the rain one very busy evening and took him back with me.

I have not mentioned it much for various reasons, but somehow felt it was about the right time (and to the right people) to show him off. My stone that talks! Yes, my stone talks if you politely ask him questions. He seems pretty friendly with people with pure energies, yet at the same time, rather guarded too. He talks even when I don’t ask him questions, maybe Chaperon is a better name. Or it can be his title – my Chaperon Libby. Sounds good.

Chaperon Libby is a little like me, he is not at all shy about asking to be cleansed with water after contact with certain people or situations. He has yet to ask me to sun him though, maybe cos it had been so cloudy these days. I shall sing him in a bowl tomorrow morning. He is a very wise and gentle being, while very firm at the same time. So much to learn already.

He can be naggy at times, repeating himself unrelentlessly until I get something done (e.g. collecting him from the shop). He likes following me around, or so I thought. Everywhere I go, he asked to be brought along – theta class, meetings, errands. I thought it was because he wanted to attend my spiritual classes. But Shirley said he doesn’t need to attend spiritual classes, because he has the knowledge (and wisdom!) already, and he wants to go everywhere with me so that he can do his work with/for me. That is, protection, healing, intuition (/guidance). Hah! And I have been telling myself I’m training him up, when it is actually the reverse!

I knew that his mission was to do spiritual work with me, cos the repeated message was 作工 (“do work” in literal translation). There are so many types of work to be done, and I know healing is definitely one of them. I have been seeing blue lights ever since the day I held him in my hands.

It is quite funny though, I have been wearing a smaller Libyan stone who has been seriously protecting and guiding me. But these two friends are so so so different, although their uses are similar. So, the mineral kingdom really does have their own personalities as well, they are not really stone or rock per se. Zeddee has been quietly protecting me, I do not hear him at all, but I always know his quiet presence. I hear his quiet guidance too. He does not talk to me like Chaperon Libby does, but he channels down guidance on Christ consciousnessness.

I am still in awe, of the hard rocks and seemingly emotionless objects that hold such a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and divine love. Only if and when we get to know them better.

Such lovelies. Do you hear the echos in your rocks?


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