I have not seen this word in two decades, I had to check the dictionary for its meaning. First thought – a panoramic layers of whatever. Second thought – it has to be something broad, and something in a spectrum, while at the same time, depth through layers of meanings. My guess turned out to be not so far off, i think i got the first half right. 🙂

It is a good description of my home this morning – a panoply of asian family conversations. Hmm. More like reactions than conversations. Everyone was reacting, but there was no dialogue or communication at all. And everyone was Loud. So much excitement, but none of engagement. Yikes. I had to take a break downstairs to whine to my brother about it.

I moved into our office today (yay!). So now, I no longer have to work from home, no longer have to hurry across the little aisle into the kitchen into the toilet to escape the watchful prying eye of the Tiger Mom. I no longer have to reject the poor little babyboo who knocks on my door to have someone to play with. I no longer have to say no to a lunch offer a mere two hours after my late breakfast. Ah well, I am grateful for all these, but it is hard when these have to be juggled with time, privacy, personal space.

I was in a hurry for time, as my day planned out suddenly fell short of an adapter (I am still using the darn China plugs from Shanghai days) and a shower. My intention was to just wash up, change, bring my stuffs, meet my sis, head to the office just three street blocks away, and then have brunch, and head home. At 8:39, an overzealous mom was sort of frantic that I am not awake yet, and reminded me to shower, and offered to turn on the heater such that I can still make it in time. Dang, my arrangement with my sis was to meet at 10:30. My bro later related to me “hoho, I was wondering why she even wants to bother about you showering”.

Everything was so strange today, my mom usually goes to the market on Saturdays, but nooooooo, today the Ruirui the elder nephew came over, and my mom skipped her marketing day (with a lot of nagging at my cousin, aka Rui’s dad). So I quietly hid in my room, just praying for her to still go to the market, or bring Rui to the playground of something, so I quickly get on with my plan and get out of the house, in stealth mode. Nah, no luck, and I was running out of time already, so I quickly disappeared downstairs for a quick breakfast. And shortly, my bro joined me. I assume he was escaping the heat of things too. So I was frantically asking him and sis for a Singaporean adaptor, so that I can turn on my Mac when I move to the new office. He says Dad should have, but noooooooo, I explained to him my plan of escaping all conversations with two of them, and he just laughed. He says, nah, Dad is alright.

When we got home, I accidentally made eye contact with my dad, and the panoply of comments and advice and nagging ensued! So my bro and I just looked at and whispered to each other “see what i mean!” and quickly scrambled back into our own rooms. My mom continued on and on as to why my sis was not here yet, that I should ask her to hurry, etc. I could not take it no more, so my bro quickly moved my gigantic iMac out of the house and I collected myself outside so there is some form of peace and quiet. Met my sis and babyboo just there and then, and they saw the signs and quietly sneaked off with me, and we hung out at the car park for a good half hour until my bro-in-law was ready to go.

I really want to watch Fresh Off the Boat to see how much resonates with this Asian family I am living with. It sounds really odd, because we have all been brought up in this family, on the same set of values, yet … … we are having so much trouble facing up to it. Or maybe it is just my inability to acclimatise back. I have no idea. :/

Well, it does sound really funny if I see it from the perspective of me playing in, while watching Fresh Off the Boat.

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  1. Elaine's Bloggers Paradise says:

    As much as we like contact with others, it’s always good to have our own space 😀


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