That missing part

These days, the tiniest component that makes the most impact from being missing is any punctuation mark.

My eyes, brains and hands are going bonkers. I have been working on editing work, and it is so difficult to check or read source references that are all clumped together like an orgy of mashup letters. It does not help that these people type their thoughts out like verbal incontinence of incoherent slurs, and expect people to connect the dots. Without the punctuations, what dots are there to connect?

Some of my colleagues in Shanghai used to type to me like that too! I could live with it then, because I knew these people I worked with did not have much formal education, plus they bothered to at least put in some space so I know where the sentence breaks.

The originators of the paper I am going through write now, are people writing exam papers. Hmm. Scary world, isn’t it?

Taking a different point of view, maybe some editors look and my work and shake their heads, “dear me, she types like she brakes every few steps of the way”.

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  1. blogblog65 says:

    You could write a whole book on punctuation.

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Yup! I will break it up into different parts, with different styles of punctuating, and provide the reader with different experiences~ the overzealous, the hesitant, the indecisive, and the frivolous.


      1. blogblog65 says:

        Who knew punctuation could be so entertaining!!

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