Veils we hide behind

We are all treasure chests of talents, big or small, to bring gifts in our own ways to this world. There must be a reason why He created us, and why we are created the way we are, into the circumstances we are in.

I had a great soul realignment reading from dearest Karin, the nurturing elder sister I had in Shanghai. We had such a great laugh and many bingos as she related to me my life story and my little pitholes (which she sent healing to). Stories that enlighten my circumstance now, stories that remind me to watch for in the future, stories that I had repeatedly sent healing to, but I guess it takes time to totally heal.

I was cursed with self-doubt eighteen lifetimes ago!! What the heck! It was unbelievable! Have to go to the fifth plane and clear out this sh*ts. And two lifetimes ago, my dad and I made a pact of protection, and this is such an appropriate example of beliefs and vows that served us then but not any longer now. But one thing I am really thankful for is that I must have cleared out much of the issues with my mom, cos she had always been the main protagonist in all my healing exercises, but not at all this time round.

We all must reclaim our power. So many lingering beliefs that hold us back from our true power. Release fear, release distrust, release doubts, anger, resentment, guilt, grudges, all these things that keep us ‘safe’ and in our comfort zones, all the little lies we hide behind. Hard to understand, why we hide, how does the disempowerment serve us? What makes us so afraid of our true power?

I am uncovering these layer by layer. So grey.


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  1. blogblog65 says:

    Layer by layer. Yes, that is a good approach to life.

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