The other missing part

I got a reversed Three of Swords early this morning, and I was rather upset. Firstly, i do not like Swords; secondly, I do not like reversed; thirdly, I am so darn afraid of Three of Swords. Well, the heart may hurt, but the reversed refers to the healing of the heart as the swords get pulled (or dropped) from the heart. Ow. I feel the pain from merely describing it. I have no idea what it refers to, I had some healing last night and I saw somebody’s energies, it was really nice. Yup, Mr Egg’s, I have no idea why the energies came back.

So I chatted with my little bro again this morning, while he sets up my virtual world and synchronising them. Or trying to, cos my brain was in too much of a mush to give him any concrete direction on how I want my virtual world. I then spent the next five hours checking a machine’s renditions of the spoken word on a video clip. I had my share of fun, I had many good laughs reading the machine’s extractions, it had to be a Chinese machine. Hah!

So I dropped someone an email to share this video for his work. The last conversation we had was in 2007. I saw the timestamp on Facebook! I remember how we met, we were from the same school, and we had always seen each other around, and I know there was definitely something more than that. Hockey girls and soccer boys, what do you think? But that wasn’t exactly how we met, we met in the online chatroom where our mutual groups of friends hung out, and that was a good 19 years ago. Amazingly, I still remember the whole conversation, even right now, my mind’s eye can see the conversations scrolling up the screen in their ascii characters. I was young and silly then, caught up in stupid blinders, which I suppose I have cleared over these few years of energy work and theta.

We met again in University, probably at the pool or the track (yes, that was how darn sporty I was in my youth), and he told me what he was facing – the choice of keeping to engineering or to switching to industrial design. Naive and gullible as I was (and possibly still am), I chatted with him quite a bit to advise him on these. I was, too, facing similar issue in my life then, except that I did not have the “or”… no other choice for me, or so I thought. I moved to Melbourne, we had our very occasional conversation, and then when I moved back, got into a full fledged urban planning job, and we spoke again, happy to know that we have both finally got our asses off the “wrong” but circumstantial choices. That was probably the last conversation.

So, 9 years later, I needed someone to do video production work, and tada, the first I thought of was him, and I was more or less sure he is on his own and running his own company. There was so much certainty in that, despite not having spoken for so long. I really think that souls know one another deeply, in a level that we ourselves do not. Each time I talk to him, I am so sure of every single thing, even though we probably only had the few conversations listed above (within the count of two hands, ten fingers). Soul connection… Now, after learning so much spiritual work stuffs, I really feel very wistful about it. What if I hadn’t been so stupid and stubborn then, what if I had just been more open-hearted, what if I had been less narrow-minded, and what if.. the biggest what-if, I had cleared out all these sillybilly beliefs, conditionings and what-nots via theta back then?

Maybe this is the Three of Swords reversed. The swords that stayed from many lifetimes ago, the swords that I can finally pull out (even though I do not even know their existence), and then make my heart whole again.

Chaperon Libby says sometimes it is just that we were not ready. Timing is very important, if one is not ready, that was that. With that tone of voice, this sound so much like the story of twin flames.

What was missing. What is missing. We never truly know.


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  1. Oooo it sounds like the time maybe right now ❤️💕❤️💕

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Hahahahhaahhaa nopez! Maybe next life. He is happily married to someone I know, and they have an adorable little boy now.

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      1. Aww I want everyone to be in love ❤️️❤️💕💋

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it~

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