Fishing for inner peace

I finally had my aura soma reading today! My Higher Self has her way of luring me into doing things. It is so roundabout today that I am really impressed by her ways.

So, she nudged me very early on the in the morning not to go for yoga, but spend sometime doing work for myself. And by work, I had a feeling it was energetic work, purely by my conditions this weekend. So I stayed home and cleared my auric field(s), had the butterfly incident, blogged about the butterfly incident and I thought that was it. But it didn’t fell like my job was done yet, so I looked around the house to see what’s still short. Noticed my Pink is running out, sprayed my chamuel (didn’t quite like the smell), and decided since YC is free, I’ll see if she wants to go Basic Essence to check the full range out.

so during lunch I asked, and teacher Shirley says it’s 20% cheaper if I go direct to Frances, which never crossed my mind cos that is the other end of Singapore. But since we have ‘already planned’, I gave Frances a call to check her availability and so we went.

I was so totally bowled over by the range, and as we chatted, I thought since I’m already at this part of the country, I might as well do a full reading before deciding which ones to get. And she happened to be available! And so I did.

This was a modality I have been checking out time and again, but it never crossed my path. When it finally did, I was not in the best of my financial situation, so I brushed it off and said I’ll do it when the $$ comes in. I guess Higher Self has her way of making me fulfil my promises.

It was great. It absolutely reinforced what Karin had said to me for soulalignment, and in a way it has also provided me with actionable steps. Looks great, smells great, delivers great.

Fishing tools for inner and outer peace.


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