Relax?! What an inspiring and aspirational prompt today. Extremely appropriate for a full intense Monday. This Monday is filled to the brim with lessons – lessons after lessons, hour after hour. I did not even dare pick any cards of the day!

Biggest takeaway – Trust, and also Listen. Messages are everywhere, if we do keep a hawk’s eye, or maybe rabbit’s ear, out for them. I am excruciatingly short of time today, so the higher beings must have been throwing me very sharp hints that I cannot miss. I was rushing out for a meeting, yet had to vet a video (which was late by almost half a day), so I could only eyeball it really quickly. Yet, my hawk’s eyes (or feel) still managed to catch some errors in spite of the accelerated scrubbing I moused through the entire 47minutes within less than 5minutes. I am super duper impressed. Well, my ex-bosses used to scroll through powerpoints and webpages really quickly just for the kick of seeing how and whether I can spot mistakes, and well, i almost always managed to.

So we spoke on the phone on my ride to the other meeting, and managed to get everything sorted out. When I came back, I downloaded the wrong video (i.e. previous version.. thanks Google), yet did not notice, because as I scrubbed through, even at a slower rate, I did not catch any of the mistakes this time, except the very start of the video. So I messaged him and told him it’s all good this time, except that starting frame. And guessed what, he said i must have downloaded the older version, and he sent me a new link instead.

WOW. Why I am so impressed is how time-saver the higher guiding beings are! First round, I found enough errors to get them sorted out. Second round, I totally missed the errors, meaning I could easily have missed them in the first round too (but i didn’t!). AND, I only caught the tiny error in the front, and I was prompted to highlight to him even though I was considering closing an eye to it in view of the time constraints.  WELL, fortunately I called him out on that anyway, because it was that highlight that we realised the file I received was not his latest amendments. Isn’t it amazing?

Second takeaway – not exactly a takeaway but a pattern I am starting to see in people. Or in me, in that I get rather disturbed by it. Surface vs depth would the the theme of this takeaway. People like to hover at the surface of things, not delve deeper, and then try to look for answers? I don’t understand, so many answers have to be found within ourselves. Another person can always give you a solution, but what is suitable for that person does not necessarily mean it is useful for your situation or growth or understanding. I guess this is the meaning of the overrated (or so I find) quote on life being about the journey, not about the destination (or something like that). Everyone can give you a shortcut answer, of course I can. But what you find out for yourself would definitely be different from what I tell you, you receive so much more if it is internalised – it turns into wisdom! which helps in judgement! You can have the entire world population telling you the answer to your question, but it would never be the same as you finding the answer out for yourself. I can tell you to do this, do that, or even more correctly, this is what I do, that is what I do, for these situations. But does that help anything? It solves the problem, but it does not teach you to solve future problems.

One has to learn the process of comprehending, understanding, exploring, and reaching the conclusion, or re-looking for, or re-finding the conclusion. Everyone can keep feeding you answers, but that does not serve you any good. You need to find out for yourself how to find that answer, within yourself. It is a repeat pattern if one does not learn that key methodology of finding out about life, finding out about one’s own journey! One will be brought around in circles if he/she does not listen to guidance (inner/higher), but instead keep looking outwards or asking around for answers. Learn to find answers, learn to ask questions, learn to pray and ask for higher guidance. Human beings do not necessarily give you correct answers, because human minds are so constrained. There are so many possibilities out there, and there are so many choices out there, another human being cannot help you make any decisions. People cannot keep pointing directions out to you, you need to direct your own life, your own journey. Learn to look out for your own markers. Learn to navigate, not just boomerang and hope it hits something and comes back with what you are looking for.

This is turning into a rant. A good reminder to calm down is that the daily prompt I am addressing is Relax!

It does frustrate me when I see people with abilities but not using them. Well, some may even criticise that it is easy for me to delineate whatever I wrote above. The truth is, I journeyed inwards for many many many years because of many many many incidents (/obstacles/problems/ however you want to phrase it in your terms) that I faced, and it was through these many many trials and errors, experimentations (with successes, with failures, with all sorts of goods and bads) that I finally found which part of me to trust/listen to and when to do that. I am constantly still learning – about myself, about how to learn more about myself, and also finetuning to know not just more but better. But who knows??? One just has to start somewhere. Quit hovering the superficial and delve deeper into yourself. 

FIND YOUR OWN METHODOLOGY. Learn to see life and its vissiscitudes (I’ll be nice and give you an example here). 

No wonder I have been warned by so many not to expend my energies on people who are not ready.

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  1. What work are you actually in 😉

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Hehe good question! Core of my work now is localization — translation into local languages. I do a lot of design- and planning- related stuff on the side too. And the other side ‘job’ is being a fellow human being and hearing friends out (or trying to).

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