Wheel of Fortune

The wheel of fortune spun a little faster today.

Morning was (for once, in a long time) peaceful and un-rushed, and I had a tiny bit of time to spend with Babyboo. And also for once, in a long time, he did not play hard-to-get. He asked to come into my room when I stepped out half-awake, and wanted to drink his milkmilk in my room. So we wrestled a little, while he feeds. Good fortune? I think this is it. The very simple contentment of living in the present with a sweet little two-year-old, kicking and wrestling each other, and then him telling me stories about the tow-truck and the carcar he made me draw for him weeks ago.

And then the really adult conversation we had.

Babyboo: “uh oh, ng ng.”
Me: “are you wearing pampers?”
Babyboo: “uh oh.” Looking really sheepish, and shocked at the same time.
Me: “hmmm. you want to go out? Hold hands.”
Babyboo, stretched out his hands, ducked under my workdesk, and went to look for Grandma (i.e. my mom),  and sorting out his sh*t.

That was my brisk brush with babyboo in a long time! No wonder my sis was always so envious that I got to spend time with his son while she’s slogging at work. Hee. Now’s all fair and square and back to equilibrium. *roll eyes*

Good fortune is also having the opportunity to give. I gave my bro a 100-dollar bill today, and it feels good. Not the $ bit, but that I finally have the opportunity to run errands for him, and in time. Everyone’s going on holidays this Christmas!!! Yikes, and my sis offered to bring me to the zoo since she’s stuck in Singapore too.

Good fortune is having the time to breathe and type some happy rants before bed. 🙂

Good night.

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