Weirdest Christmas

It has been a very intense one week, in the energetic sense. At the physical level, it is taking a huge toll on my physical body (and mind). I have been soo tired since Monday (been googling what is the deal with the 19th Dec onwards ~ no idea when the end is!) and every night was clearing out past (+life) traumas which is taking a toll on my mental state too. Physical body seems to be recalibrating itself, or what we call integrating (at all levels), I guess preparing for the ending of this 9 cycle, and restarting on 1 next year. Or it could also be some planetary occurrences (along the lines of solar flares), cos I can feel my entire body burning. It started after my meeting at Ev’s house, and was like that everything after that.

I have no idea. I have been googling for information about Universe’s cycles and occurrences, but I realise there really are all sorts of ridiculous information online, and some websites even feature very conflicting perspectives. Nothing wrong with free information at all, i totally advocate that, but it just does not sit well with me looking at how people just plonk all sorts of information without digesting them, or even trying to iron out a train of thought or associate the different information to make sense of what they are putting on their one website. Maybe I ask for too much. The brains are ours, the judgement and discernment need to be exercised by each one of us reading whatever.

Rant rant rant. I can finally sit up at 7pm this evening. The entire day was just lying in bed, and woke up for lunch, continue lying in bed. My entire body was limp, I could hear a lot of frequencies (it has been like that all week!!!), and when I closed my eyes I could see a lot of light. So while I “slept”, a lot of work was getting done on me, I think. It is really strange. I was probably out of my body for two hours, I have no idea where I went to. There was just ALOT of light. The entire atmosphere was like being on Seventh Plane, except that it was no longer emptiness (Seventh Plane has nothing but Love~) , but there were other light bodies around. Very beautiful bright lights, very colourful light forms, colours I have never seen in my meditative state before. I believe I am supposed to work with them? Or … I am actually part of them…? Well, someone’s gotta be on earth to do the work… so .. I think that is me. Tsk.

There has been so much (etheric) conversation going on around me since Monday, it really annoys me because I have no idea what they are talking about! It is like Mom nagging non-stop and then I stop listening, but you see, I make the choice to stop listening in this case. But now, the voices .. talking talking talking talking, but not making any sense to me. Maybe it’s the festive season and they are singing carols to me to help me sleep. But then again, they are the ones who wake me up every morning at 4:50am to listen to their chatterchatterchatter.

I have no idea. Can you please talk to me in my language? Or can you please teach me your language so that I can understand you?

It has been really trying Christmas and the countdown to it. A part of me wants to give up. But I have to idea what that part of me wants to give up. I saw Ev’s newest post on FB and started tearing.

My dearest; this past year may not have been the best in your existence. It has been challenging and there may have been times when you wanted to give up and not take one more step. Let it be known that your tenacity, your growth and willingness to take leaps of faith have been duly noted. As your new year begins, please remember that rewards for your previous works are coming to you! They may not arrive with a theme song and fireworks, but they are on their way…..and you are worthy and deserving of receiving. Open yourself to the infinite possibilities! ~ Creator

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