Crossing. Over or under?

I did not intend to post today, I had intended to sleep. But I came across an(other) article today and my heart hurts. Losing hope in Mae La. This was my neighbourhood and this issue had been troubling me for a while. My heart is cramping as I read, and as I write.

I have probably blogged about this before, but as old wounds go, they still hurt, and they bring up memories each time something rubs the surface. I guess despair hurts, and despair hurts even more when they are real life persons you are in contact with. And part of me feels helpless – I always thought that I can help people whose lives I can touch. Not necessarily so.

Well, just gotta keep reminding the earthly self that we all pick and plan our lives before we get to live it out here. So everyone’s here to learn something, and everyone gets to choose where, how and when to go. It’s all part of the divine plan. And I also suppose we can only see the relief when we are up there with Him.

I don’t know. I wish things had turned out better. But then again, things will always turn out the best, just a matter of whether we see what that ‘best’ is.

Shrugs. ❤ hurts but I trust. ❤

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