Infinite Nothingness

The infinite bigness of unconditional love. The infinite knowledge out there for us to discover. The infinite lessons and identities we have to pull away before we reach the true Us. And then we find out this Infinite-ness is in fact Nothingness. I have a feeling we are being taken around on a wild wild ride for literally Nothing.

Had a weekend of Sacred Activations and my poor physical body feels utterly battered. We probably re-engineered every possible DNA in us, and now I only feel bruises and soreness everywhere. But then again, there are infinite possibilities for me to even make that flimsy statement, and I know there are at least another ten times the Activations for us to cover.

Human minds work funny. We typically work from our familiar premises of what we know, and try to understand everything through that wormview. This round of SA, I saw no “filmshow” nor images nor ascended masters, only visions of light and of dark. Then during one of the fifteen, something along this line of human thought, I was shown a blank sheet of paper. Which gave me an open window to ask “why is that empty?”

“That is the whole point we want to get to.”

Human dramas. Tsk. We needed that to sustain us and to make sense of the world. Until we realize that all we are aiming for is to reach that blank sheet of paper again, or rather, even to the non-existence of that sheet of paper.

It is really a great paradox – this whole relentless pursuit of seeing, feeling, knowing, to culminate in Nothing. What a huge Nothing this is. Whoever the wise ones that said, it is the journey that matters, not the destination, you are so darn right.

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