The fog clears and life appears clearer, zooming closer and closer into the specific.

Six good years ago, the first (official) psychic I went to told me that I will be going around the world giving talks. It was not exactly unbelievable, but I was filled with questions on the Hows, and the Whats and a part of me wished the When would never come. Ten years ago, when I first started learning reiki, Teacher Yang told me and reminded me that I need to build up and strengthen my throat chakra, I even have a throat chakra meditation scarf for that.

The HOW was a big question, cos that was/is not my personality at all. I am very skirty when it comes to speaking up in public, but I guess I have taken a big leap now – I am after all writing in public. I guess the oldies all saw the potential in me – someone offered to pay for my training at Dale Carnegie (to overcome my fear/reluctance), but I did not have the Abundance mindset then and rejected his gift. Then he suggested I join the Toastmasters club here, which I seriously did consider, and then … I saw my little brother’s Facebook share on his Toastmasters club pics.. and that certainly does not sit well with the Big Sister ego. My bro’s a youth leader in this region, and the (probably subconscious) competitiveness in me does not allow me to be beneath him in public. Ego, tsk, you really taught me a lot.

So yea, I took the slow, comforting winding road, and Self had to take the leadership to pushing Ego past comfort zone. And every step of the way, any and every psychic reading (or self-connection to Creator) reminds me that I have to get there. I am trying very hard, and I am gifted with mentors and guidance on how to push them that comfort frontier a little bit further each time.

This time, Lynda reminded again. I have so much to offer, and I really have to go public, and I really need to put myself out there to reach out to People. The same old answer, and with the usual tears in my eyes, I told her I know I am supposed to do that, and I know I will do that, but I really don’t know how to do that. (That said, when I recalled ten years ago, I see how far I have come. Well done, Ping.) So granny Lynda counseled me about the mental thresholds and the practical ways to overcome that.

I told her, I have no intention to go down the energy healing / counseling route, and that all these while I know that my way is to show people how to integrate that spiritual aspect into the day-to-day life. “Then,” she said, “you have to live the authentic Ping, and show them life that way.” Ah ha! Now that I have written this out, I finally got the tiny lowdown on what she (or He) really means by telling me I really have to live My life My way, even if it potentially pisses people off. Hehe. Good job.

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