The Unsuspecting Marathon

As most would have noticed, I started using the equilibrium and quintessence since a week before Christmas. I have been diligently using them daily and had been clearing lotsa issues nightly too. Unknowingly, I had run a marathon of shedding my past(s) for exactly a month.

Sounds like a really good deal – one month of past life regression, thetahealing, and different kinds and aspects of psychotherapy rolled into one. Make that 8hours per night. It is so darn worth it.

And then, I skipped it last night cos I nearly fell asleep in the middle of my Chinese New Year shopping, and was absolutely flat out when I got home that I fell into deep slumber almost immediately. The next day, with my fresh mind and refreshed body, I noticed the physical toll all these energetic releases are for the body. My body finally had its good rest, my consciousness and subconsciousness too. I was solidly in this realm, this plane, this timeline. It really does make a difference.

I guess now I will just let intuition guide me rather than to make it a tonight, I used both bottles, but totally skipped the holy grail. I also notice the holy grail is the one taking me to different realms, it kept bringing me to the Archangels!

I know I am one of (/with) them. But I don’t know why the heck I’m here on my own. *sulkz*

[made to add this note: not exactly a fair statement because many have told me I am surrounded and protected by the AAs, so I cannot say I am here on my own.]


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