Of Secrets and Lies

I am so so so fortunate to get to enjoy tuition in this school called Life. With all the questions thrown out the night before the class, I got all my answers the very next day.

Started the class ranting to my newfound soul sister, about not being able to comprehend all the matters that entered my space, looked around inside and out, and still not understand what the heck is going on. Evlyn explained that it is probably my message to the Universe that “I Allow, I allow, I ALLOW!” and thus, Universe happily threw everything into my vortex. Magic word is Allow, it seems~

When I got home, I watched Zeo’s post from Abraham Hicks about what to make a habit in 2017, and I started playing all the different videos in the background as I did my spring cleaning for the Chinese New Year. Picked up a few lessons along the way, what stood out most was a reminder to not try fixing what we feel is broken. Some guy talked about her sister being alcoholic and asked how to help her, and was told that he does not have to change her, that he is trying to change her for his own good, not for hers. Wow. That really knocked some sense in me! Why must one person change to accommodate another? Who decides what is the best way a person should behave? Who makes the judgment? It really is just between us and God. We talk about responsibility, we talk about all the morally rights and wrongs, but really, who judges? Who is in the position to judge? We all come to Earth to live our lives to learn the lessons we have planned and are panning out. Each person’s lessons are different, sometimes you just have to be “bad” so that you can learn certain lessons, and they do not have to be lessons to learn how to be “good” in that context! It is not that one is adamant (or arrogant) about being the way he/she is, without desiring to be a better person, just that the “better” person he/she has to move towards this life is different from yours/mine/the next person’s.

I listened to more videos, and am slowing adapting to their concept of vortex. It is such a profound and perfect way to explain all my different (and sometimes contradictory) pieces of “how to be who I really am”. The fundamental Law stemming throughout their videos happen to also be the Law of Allowing! Alignment? I think everything is aligning very well to show me the picture I need, in the way I can understand!

The other question I was asking was about how I felt I was part of the ArchAngel team, yet a part of me do not believe it at all, because the AAs should be much much higher beings than us mortals on earth. Yet the message I have been feeling and getting is that I am one of them, not the aspect of one of Oneness, but the aspect of the realm. And, I had such an enlightening conversation (over a refreshing cup of ice jelly!) about how we really could have been one of the AA realm, but was incarnated somewhere (e.g. first incarnation in say Sirius or something) which could be how the label of “starseeds” came about. Wowwhee, that is how answers come to us when we are in alignment and when we allow.

At Frances, I also picked up that “conditional” terms are important too. My physical body had been so tired from the clearing, cos my intent when I was using the Equilibrium was “Clear, clear, CLEAR”, but it can be phrased better if I asked for clearing “in a nurturing way”. To nurture our souls is more important than just clearing what does not serve us anymore. We clear to nurture, anyway. I think I am now onto yet another level of being watchful of my language, not just with the choice of words, but the precision of the intent.

That said, the biggest Ah-ha moment today at Theta was that Secrets are different from Privacy! Such an obvious difference, yet I do not ponder too much into it. Well, but then again, I had to download the whole set of definition, understanding, perspective, etc regarding Privacy! This definitely attributed to my family upbringing, where we were brought up to know “there are no secrets in our family” and I have parents opening my letters from young. There you go.

Thank you Universe, for always bringing me the knowledge and wisdom I need, to put me on (or to bring me to) the path of living to my highest potential this life. With such ease and grace, and in such a loving and nurturing way. ❤

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