The Thinning Veil

While at Frances, I remarked how the bottles that now draw me are the ones that are similar on both layers, both hues and shades. It is interesting in that the last time I was there, what called out to me were those whose colours were distinct but very balanced and harmonized.

She explained that my conscious and subconscious are now fairly equal. I suppose so, plus, what I was lamenting in previous posts were sort of related to that: the veils between the worlds are now so thin that I accidentally traverse them at times. Which, I believe, is what is causing my spaciness and being caught in sudden spurts of “what is happening? I don’t understand what is going on …” For example, money and time are turning into very stretchy, elastic concepts to me now. In a way, it is scary; but now that the context is clear, it is less scary, because we do know the Universal law that time is not linear and that money is just another form of energy. It is only in this earthly realm that we define them otherwise to serve our needs.

I started pinning pretty layouts of my Equilibriums onto my Pinterest boards, and started looking for my sprays in their Equilibrium bottles too. Synchronicity strikes again, it turns out that my sprays (I bought them in spray bottles and did not get to see them in their colours) are those whose colours are the same top and bottom.

Successful time-space travel!

I wish I can be much better at it though. More grounded whichever world I am in!

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