Gift of Giving

Just bought two tins of pineapple tarts and I feel extremely happy. Satisfaction from the continuous whiffs of rich buttery and egg-infused tarts with the sweetness of natural pineapples and their fibrous textures. I loved it! There were different kinds on sale, so I asked the sales ladies what the differences are, and one pointed me to the samples, “go try them!”

“I can’t, I’m allergic to pineapple tarts”. In fact, other than the air and water that go into them, I am allergic to every other ingredient used.

As I paid up and left, I felt super duper happy, joy emanating from every inch of me. They smell so wonderful, I am sure my family will enjoy every bit!

Whether I will steal a taste during this festive period of abundant eating?  Nah, I suffered real bad last year, even with my gluten-, dairy-, egg-free pineapple tarts. Just because, Pineapple.

And I am already suffering a sniffly nose from the two handfuls (hands fulls!) of spicy prawn rolls last night.

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