Spring cleaning of a different kind

Libby spent his day at home today. Totally boggling, usually he’d make sure I take him everywhere I go. But today, all was quiet until I got up the bus, and saw his pouch empty. Oops. Seems like duty called and he had to do some work at home. Definitely so, cos I saw him at my desk, standing tall right in the middle, instead of randomly littered on my sofa.

I have no idea. I spent this morning (energetically) clearing my space, and the whole house and it took a long while before the stuffiness cleared. How strange, I hate to ask “who was at our place?” again, so I just quietly saged the whole living room when I got back from work. I have a feeling I know the connection now, why Libby is where he is. Good job, let’s do a more thorough energizing tomorrow.

The physical body is a really good antenna if we know how to use it. My nose was running like crazy, and suddenly went dry when the environment was cleared of discordant energies and low vibrational energies.

Yupz, my very reliable stone! You rock! And you’re my rock!

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