Family ride!

After a grand 3-year hiatus, our family finally gets to ride together again, now that Babyboo is old enough to join us. Our new 2-year-old member now rides with us for our journey to breakfast and a morning stroll around the park. The yuge park that we grew up around since we moved into urbanization. 

Babyboo went on my dad’s bike, since that is what he is most familiar with, while we each re-owned our very own bikes. The fleet had gone on a merry-go-round of ownership, as each is fitted with different seats for different permutations of my two nephews’ uber ride.

Dad sang to babyboo and pointed different things out to him as we rolled along. Deja vu! I used to enjoy that treatment when I was little, (I probably got too annoying for my mom) and dad would take me on his Vespa to different places in the village. Dirt tracks! Weird flies! Mosquitoes! Frogs! Crickets! And we would try to identify the different sounds each make. 

Now, it is all urbanized. Sounds? Yea, carcar, bikebike, train, ambulance. “What’s that!” “What’s that!” “Whoaaaaa, what’s that!!” Carcar, bikebike, train, ambulance. Tower crane.

It got a little more exciting when we got to the park. Water! Fish! (Carp? Koi? Shark?) Crocodile! Turtle! “Turtle, again??” We watched the Komodo dragon (or monitor lizard, I really can’t tell) as it swam in the waters. “Crocodile!”

My brother pretended to bite him from behind, and he shrieked, “I don’t scared”. I love kid’s language. 

We saw a baby monitor kizard (/Komodo dragon) and it was alone. Baby was so upset, “Baby crocodile, no mommy to 抱抱 (baobao = carry in arms)”. He was seriously visibly upset. So we told him to direct baby crocodile to the mommy we saw earlier. It was quite funny watching him tear as he tried to console baby crocodile. 

A pretty fun morning, I’d say. But we adults better get our acts together and figure out the real terms and names for these animals. No #alternativefacts for our next generation, yo.


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