Arid Exploration

Karin’s soul alignment reading was very useful, in a very practical sense. I have made my tangible goals – 1 Meetup a week, meet up with 1 friend a week. With sufficient space to get 1 cold feet or 1 lazy day, I would be able to meet that “3 times a week”. My dosage of spiritual medicine!

Theme Translate

My life circles around translations of various kinds, it is almost like a repetitive theme that frames every phase.

Beyond acts

I have the loveliest folks. Woke up this morning to babyrui’s giggling and running around the house. Turns out he had stayed over last night as his parents were busy. My sis brought babyboo over and then took babyrui to school. This is what a loving extended family-ship looks like!

Reason to believe

I have every reason to believe that Universe has my back. All the weirdo occurrences I wonder about, when the time comes, the whole picture emerges. “What use is this info!!” I always exclaim, when I get told vestiges of seemingly useless info – the uselessness stemming only from my guilelessness.

I hear thunder

I hear the rain. I hear the torrential downpour, what my dad described to be pouring buckets. I hear myself. I hear my thoughts, I hear my heart skip a beat.

Cleansing rain

It never rains on my parade! Unless 1. I have yet to complete what Universe wanted me to do; 2. the next destination is not for my highest good; 3. the timing is not right yet. Which is why I never carry umbrellas with me, cos I hardly get to use them!


February is making a good run. Maybe it is because I have swung past the Monkey year! You know life is good when: There is huge load of work and you still feel “oh man, I really love what I do for a living”. Haha. One point is good enough made. ❤

Culture and Religion

I have always been more of a spiritual than a religious person. A broader term which is more applicable (I suppose it is because I have yet to figure out my stand or where I stand as yet) than big words like agnostic or atheist that puts ones’ thoughts in strict little defined boxes.