Arid Exploration

Karin’s soul alignment reading was very useful, in a very practical sense. I have made my tangible goals – my dosage of spiritual medicine!


Theme Translate

My life circles around translations of various kinds, it is almost like a repetitive theme that frames every phase.

Beyond acts

I have the loveliest folks. My sis brought babyboo over and then took babyrui to school. This is what a loving extended family-ship looks like!

Reason to believe

I have every reason to believe that Universe has my back. All the weirdo occurrences I wonder about, when the time comes, the whole picture emerges. “What use is this info!!” I always exclaim, when I get told vestiges of seemingly useless info – the uselessness stemming only from my guilelessness.

I hear thunder

I hear the rain. I hear the torrential downpour, what my dad described to be pouring buckets. I hear myself. I hear my thoughts, I hear my heart skip a beat.

Cleansing rain

It never rains on my parade! Unless 1. I have yet to complete what Universe wanted me to do; 2. the next destination is not for my highest good; 3. the timing is not right yet. Which is why I never carry umbrellas with me, cos I hardly get to use them!


February is making a good run. Maybe it is because I have swung past the Monkey year! You know life is good when: There is huge load of work and you still feel “oh man, I really love what I do for a living”. Haha. One point is good enough made. ❤

Culture and Religion

I have always been more of a spiritual than a religious person. A broader term which is more applicable (I suppose it is because I have yet to figure out my stand or where I stand as yet) than big words like agnostic or atheist that puts ones’ thoughts in strict little defined boxes.