Cleansing rain

So it rained again!

It never rains on my parade! Unless 1. I have yet to complete what Universe wanted me to do; 2. the next destination is not for my highest good; 3. the timing is not right yet. Which is why I never carry umbrellas with me, cos I hardly get to use them!

I am boggled. Each time I go to this place for meeting, it rains cats and dogs. It rains so heavily that I get stuck for more than half an hour, and usually get really frustrated too. What is Universe trying to tell me? Cleansing? Don’t go there? Stay away from them? Arm yourself when dealing with them? The last one sounds about right. What the heck! I have been there so many times for meetings, and it ALWAYS rains. It is as though Heaven put a cloud over the area, and squeezes it when I’m in the vicinity. It cannot even be about the geographical area, I have been there many times with friends and it is always fine weather.

I have no idea. Cleansing / time to arm myself ~ tsk.

Trembling in the cold rain. Correction – trembling in an air-conditioned bus after being in the warm rain.


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