I hear thunder

I hear the rain. I hear the torrential downpour, what my dad described to be pouring buckets. I hear myself. I hear my thoughts, I hear my heart skip a beat.

There are times I do not want to hear myself. Because it scares me. Like right now, I just sent a few messages to different people, and when I read the replies, I revisited my messages and was kind of surprised by my terse tone. The nice, sweet little girl has gone. Instead, I hear a no-nonsense but very effective and instructive tone. Oh my. It scared me. Am I turning into a monster? It can’t be, because the messages are polite, just not with that “please please please, if you don’t do this, I cannot get my work done” plea-ing feel. Shrugs.

Accept and embrace this part of growing up and living up to a bigger role. Amen!

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