Reason to believe

I have every reason to believe that Universe has my back. All the weirdo occurrences I wonder about, when the time comes, the whole picture emerges. “What use is this info!!” I always exclaim, when I get told vestiges of seemingly useless info – the uselessness stemming only from my guilelessness.

Universe just lays the ground, sets the stage, tile by tile. Morsel by morsel (gluten-free bread!), like Hansel and Gretel finding their way back home.

My mind/heart/soul started wa(/o)ndering at the start of the Chinese New Year, when I was told I have a big heart, a healing aura, while someone is purely shade of grey without light. My brain thought “is there a need to criticize?” It was so out of the blue, I knew Universe is setting the stage for something. The message came from May whom I hardly talk to, and we only got to that topic because I pointed her to Ms Grey, because my bigbigheart feels she’s a good person to seek consultancy from. In a way, that is also a message that good begets good. If I hadn’t done that, I would not have received that morsel of gluten-free bread.

If we count a few months ago, there was a tinier morsel that flaked into my plate. Someone told me her feeling about Ms Grey, which was also very out-of-blue, and we both pretty much brushed it aside, and continued our lives. That did not even register in me until the CNY message. Tsk. But I knew something is definitely off when someone else told me she feels she has come to an end with something, and the first bulb that lit up was “beware Ms Grey”. In a way, it could also mean the greyness is a recent thing, and also a reminder that if we do not bathe in light, we can easily fall prey to greyness.

So yesterday’s rant, plus a very vivid dream (or an image that appeared when I was asleep) last night, shake me up totally and I start to watch things much more carefully. If Body refuses to send an email, one knows perfectly well something is off somewhere. Body sent it to Mentor instead “help, I find this too tricky!” and I got a tiny ticking-off, but certainly proves again Instinct is right, Brain just has no inkling what is wrong.

I am so thankful! Invisible support from the Universe, the Light Team, materializing in reality with wisdom from a wise and experienced mentor.

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